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Cellulose 6/2007

Ausgabe 6/2007

Nanotechnology: A Fiber Perspective

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.12.2007 | Guest Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2007

Fiber nanotechnology: a new platform for “green” research and technological innovations

Lucian A. Lucia, Orlando J. Rojas

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

PEGylation of chitosan for improved solubility and fiber formation via electrospinning

Jian Du, You-Lo Hsieh

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Release of antibiotics from electrospun bicomponent fibers

Gisela Buschle-Diller, Jared Cooper, Zhiwei Xie, Ye Wu, James Waldrup, Xuehong Ren

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Electrospun cellulose acetate fibers: effect of solvent system on morphology and fiber diameter

Santi Tungprapa, Tanarinthorn Puangparn, Monchawan Weerasombut, Ittipol Jangchud, Porntiva Fakum, Somsak Semongkhol, Chidchanok Meechaisue, Pitt Supaphol

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Nano-enabled microtechnology: polysulfone nanocomposites incorporating cellulose nanocrystals

Sweda Noorani, John Simonsen, Sundar Atre

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Cellulose microfibrils from banana farming residues: isolation and characterization

Robin Zuluaga, Jean-Luc Putaux, Adriana Restrepo, Iñaki Mondragon, Piedad Gañán

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Physical and mechanical properties of polyvinyl alcohol and polypropylene composite materials reinforced with fibril aggregates isolated from regenerated cellulose fibers

Qingzheng Cheng, Siqun Wang, Timothy G. Rials, Seung-Hwan Lee

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

The influence of lignin on the self-assembly behaviour of xylan rich fractions from birch (Betula pendula)

Peter Westbye, Tobias Köhnke, Wolfgang Glasser, Paul Gatenholm

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Effect of surface cationization on the conformal deposition of polyelectrolytes over cotton fibers

Kevin Hyde, Hong Dong, Juan P. Hinestroza

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Xyloglucan in cellulose modification

Qi Zhou, Mark W. Rutland, Tuula T. Teeri, Harry Brumer

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Local morphological and dimensional changes of enzyme-degraded cellulose materials measured by atomic force microscopy

Jung Myoung Lee, John A. Heitmann, Joel J. Pawlak

01.12.2007 | Ausgabe 6/2007

Consequences of the nanoporosity of cellulosic fibers on their streaming potential and their interactions with cationic polyelectrolytes

Martin A. Hubbe, Orlando J. Rojas, Lucian A. Lucia, Tae Min Jung

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