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Cybernetics and Systems Analysis

Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 5/2014

Ausgabe 5/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.09.2014 | CYBERNETICS | Ausgabe 5/2014

Theoretical Foundations for the Analytical Computation of Coefficients of Basic Numbers of Krestenson’s Transformation

Ya. M. Nykolaychuk, M. M. Kasianchuk, I. Z. Yakymenko

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Constructive-Synthesizing Structures and Their Grammatical Interpretations. i. Generalized Formal Constructive-Synthesizing Structure

V. I. Shynkarenko, V. M. Ilman

01.09.2014 | SYSTEMS ANALYSIS | Ausgabe 5/2014

Noise Immunity of Genetic Codes to Point Mutations

I. V. Sergienko, A. M. Gupal, A. V. Ostrovskii

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Explicit Formulas for Interpolating Splines of Degree 5 on the Triangle

I. V. Sergienko, O. M. Lytvyn, O. O. Lytvyn, O. I. Denisova

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Reducing Two-Stage Probabilistic Optimization Problems with Discrete Distribution of Random Data to Mixed-Integer Programming Problems*

V. I. Norkin, A. I. Kibzun, A. V. Naumov

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Models and Complexity of Problems of Design and Reconstruction of Telecommunication and Transport Systems

F. A. Sharifov, L. F. Hulianytskyi

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Hybrid Method of Multicriteria Evaluation of Decision Alternatives

N. D. Pankratova, N. I. Nedashkovskaya

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Properties of Perturbed Cones Ordering the Set of Feasible Solutions of Vector Optimization Problem1

T. T. Lebedeva, N. V. Semenova, T. I. Sergienko

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Data Multiplexing Methods

A. N. Voronin

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Polyhedral Coherent Risk Measures and Optimal Portfolios on the Reward–Risk Ratio1

V. S. Kirilyuk

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Hybrid Splitting Methods for the System of Operator Inclusions with Monotone Operators1

V. V. Semenov

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Deriving the Equation for the Non-Ruin Probability of the Insurance Company in (B, S)-market. Stochastic Claims and Stochastic Premiums

B. V. Bondarev, V. O. Boldyreva

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

A Two-Criterion Lexicographic Algorithm for Finding All Shortest Paths in Networks

V. A. Vasyanin

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Personal Data Protection Problems Associated with Cloud Computing

O. M. Fal’, V. F. Kozak

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Stochastic Optimal Control of Risk Processes with Lipschitz Payoff Functions

B. V. Norkin

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Error Estimates of the Finite-Difference Scheme for a One-Dimensional Parabolic Equation with Allowance for the Effect of Initial and Boundary Conditions

N. V. Mayko

01.09.2014 | Ausgabe 5/2014

Numerical Solution of Inverse Problems of Thermoelasticity for a Composite Cylinder

A. A. Aralova

01.09.2014 | New Tools in Cybernetics, Computer Science, and System Analysis | Ausgabe 5/2014

Construction of Weight Functions of the Petrov–Galerkin Method for Convection–Diffusion–Reaction Equations in the Three-Dimensional Case

N. N. Salnikov, S. V. Siryk

01.09.2014 | Brief Communications | Ausgabe 5/2014

Vulnerability of Cryptographic Primitives Based on the Power Conjugacy Search Problem in Quantum Computing

A. V. Fesenko

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