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Environmental Management 1/2022
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

Open Access 04.05.2022

Evaluation and Potential Uses of Site Investigation Soil Contamination Data Submitted to Uk Local Government
Emma E. Hellawell, Susan J. Hughes


Historical Urban Tree Canopy Cover Change in Two Post-Industrial Cities
Marc Healy, John Rogan, Lara A. Roman, Sabine Nix, Deborah G. Martin, Nicholas Geron


Public Perceptions of Green Roofs and Green Walls in Tokyo, Japan: A Call to Heighten Awareness
C. Y. Jim, Ling Chui Hui, Christoph D. D. Rupprecht


Collaboration in Hazard Mitigation Planning: Case Studies in Washington State, USA
Daniel S. Feinberg, Clare M. Ryan


Ecosystem-Service Scaling Techniques to Evaluate the Benefits of Marine Debris Removal
Adam Domanski, Amanda L. Laverty

Open Access 15.03.2022

A Multi-Criteria Framework for the Sustainable Management of Fisheries: a Case Study of UK’s North Sea Scottish Fisheries
Negar Akbari, Trond Bjørndal, Pierre Failler, Andy Forse, Marc H. Taylor, Benjamin Drakeford


Relative Effectiveness of Four Different Guards In Preventing Beaver Cutting of Urban Trees
Cherie J. Westbrook, Kirby England

Open Access 06.05.2022

Household Conflicts with Snow Leopard Conservation and Impacts from Snow Leopards in the Everest and Annapurna Regions of Nepal
Jonathan H. Hanson


Association between Lake Sediment Nutrients and Climate Change, Human Activities: A Time-Series Analysis
Linjie Wang, Xiangang Zeng, Hui Yu


Rock structures improve seedling establishment, litter catchment, fungal richness, and soil moisture in the first year after installation
Trace E. Martyn, Albert Barberán, Joseph C. Blankinship, Mary Miller, Ben Yang, Albert Kline, Elise S. Gornish


Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Changes for Ecosystem Health: A Case Study of Hexi Corridor, Northwest China
Wei Wei, Shengxiang Nan, Chunfang Liu, Binbin Xie, Junju Zhou, Congying Liu


Health Assessment for Mountainous Rivers Based on Dominant Functions in the Huaijiu River, Beijing, China
Qingxian Kong, Zhongbao Xin, Yunjie Zhao, Lishan Ran, Xiaoping Xia

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