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Environmental Management 2/2022
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 2/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

Open Access 23.04.2022

Can the Framing of Climate Mitigation Actions into Government Policies Lead to Delivering Them? – Insights from Nepal’s Experience
Bishal Baniya, Prem Prakash Aryal


Policy Implementation Inconsistency and Emission Leakage: Evidence from The Closure of Polluting Firms
Xurui Wang, Mengdi Liu, BeiBei Liu, Bing Zhang


Gaining Insights about Forest Health Prescriptions from Loggers and Foresters: Understudied Voices in the Human Dimensions of Forest Health
Stephanie A. Snyder, Charles R. Blinn, Sarah Roth, Marcella Windmuller-Campione


Do governance networks build collaborative capacity for sustainable development? Insights from Solomon Islands
Jessica L. Blythe, Philippa J. Cohen, Hampus Eriksson, Daykin Harohau


Cross-Cultural Environmental Research: Lessons from the Field
Rebecca L. Schewe, David Hoffman, Joseph Witt, Matthew Freeman, Brian Shoup


The Evolution of Polycentric Governance in the Galapagos Small-Scale Fishing Sector
Renato Cáceres, Jeremy Pittman, Mauricio Castrejón, Peter Deadman


Assessing Factors of Environmental Stewardship Success: Organizational Perceptions from the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada
Brooke Kapeller, Ryan Plummer, Julia Baird, Marilyne Jollineau

Open Access 10.06.2022

Targeting Sagebrush (Artemisia Spp.) Restoration Following Wildfire with Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus Urophasianus) Nest Selection and Survival Models
Cali L. Roth, Shawn T. O’Neil, Peter S. Coates, Mark A. Ricca, David A. Pyke, Cameron L. Aldridge, Julie A. Heinrichs, Shawn P. Espinosa, David J. Delehanty


Biological Invasions in Neotropical Regions: Continental Ichthyofauna and Risk Assessment Protocols
Mariele Pasuch de Camargo, Almir Manoel Cunico, Luiz Carlos Gomes


Fuel Properties of Effective Greenstrips in Simulated Cheatgrass Fires
Devan Allen McGranahan, Carissa L. Wonkka

Open Access 14.06.2022

Ecological Sustainability Assessment of Water Distribution for the Maintenance of Ecosystems, their Services and Biodiversity
Anna Schlattmann, Felix Neuendorf, Kremena Burkhard, Elisabeth Probst, Estanislao Pujades, Wolfram Mauser, Sabine Attinger, Christina von Haaren

Open Access 21.05.2022

Considering Fish as Recipients of Ecosystem Services Provides a Framework to Formally Link Baseline, Development, and Post-operational Monitoring Programs and Improve Aquatic Impact Assessments for Large Scale Developments
Carolyn J. M. Brown, R. Allen Curry, Michelle A. Gray, Jennifer Lento, Deborah L. MacLatchy, Wendy A. Monk, Scott A. Pavey, André St-Hilaire, Bernhard Wegscheider, Kelly R. Munkittrick

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