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Environmental Management

Environmental Management 5/2006

Ausgabe 5/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.05.2006 | PROFILE | Ausgabe 5/2006

Toward Integrated Environmental Management for Challenges in Water Environmental Protection of Lake Taihu Basin in China

Qin’Geng Wang, Gang Gu, Yoshiro Higano

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

Applying Integrated Urban Water Management Concepts: A Review of Australian Experience

V. Grace Mitchell

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

An Approach for Recreation Suitability Analysis to Recreation Planning in Gölcük Nature Park

Atila Gül, M. Kamil Örücü, Öznur Karaca

01.05.2006 | RESEARCH | Ausgabe 5/2006

Effect of Cadmium on Microbial Activity and a Ryegrass Crop in Two Semiarid Soils

José L. Moreno, Antonio Sanchez-Marín, Teresa Hernández, Carlos García

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

Controls on Nutrients Across a Prairie Stream Watershed: Land Use and Riparian Cover Effects

Walter K. Dodds, Robert M. Oakes

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

The Effects of Dust on the Federally Threatened Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle

Theresa S. Talley, Marcel Holyoak, Denise A. Piechnik

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

The Relationship of Lithology and Watershed Characteristics to Fine Sediment Deposition in Streams of the Oregon Coast Range

K. A. Sable, E. Wohl

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

Reducing the Effects of Dredged Material Levees on Coastal Marsh Function: Sediment Deposition and Nekton Utilization

Denise J. Reed, Mark S. Peterson, Brian J. Lezina

01.05.2006 | ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT | Ausgabe 5/2006

Comparing the Use of Indigenous Knowledge with Classification and Ordination Techniques for Assessing the Species Composition and Structure of Vegetation in a Tropical Forest

J. Luis Hernandez-Stefanoni, Javier Bello Pineda, Gabriela Valdes-Valadez

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

Measuring Plant Cover in Sagebrush Steppe Rangelands: A Comparison of Methods

Steven S. Seefeldt, D. Terrance Booth

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

Multi-Criteria Assessment of Tensions in Resource Use at Continental Scale: A Proof of Concept with Australian Rangelands

Michael J. Hill, Robert Lesslie, Randall Donohue, Paul Houlder, Jane Holloway, Jodie Smith, Kim Ritman

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 5/2006

Evaluation of Environmental Aspects Significance in ISO 14001

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