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Environmental Management

Environmental Management 5/2010

Ausgabe 5/2010

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

The Development of an Ecosystem Services Framework for South East Queensland

Simone Maynard, David James, Andrew Davidson

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Spatial Differentiation of Landscape Values in the Murray River Region of Victoria, Australia

Xuan Zhu, Sharron Pfueller, Paul Whitelaw, Caroline Winter

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Science-Seeking Behaviour of Conservation Authorities in Ontario

Gussai Sheikheldin, Gail Krantzberg, Karl Schaefer

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Understanding the Value of Local Ecological Knowledge and Practices for Habitat Restoration in Human-Altered Floodplain Systems: A Case from Bangladesh

Abdullah-Al Mamun

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Effect of Classification Procedure on the Performance of Numerically Defined Ecological Regions

Ton Snelder, Anthony Lehmann, Nicolas Lamouroux, John Leathwick, Karin Allenbach

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

A Management Tool for Assessing Aquaculture Environmental Impacts in Chilean Patagonian Fjords: Integrating Hydrodynamic and Pellets Dispersion Models

Antonio Tironi, Víctor H. Marin, Francisco J. Campuzano

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Effect of Diel Activity Patterns and Harvesting Pressure on the Diversity and Biomass of Sea Cucumbers in Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

Christine Buckius, Simon Albert, Ian Tibbetts, James Udy

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Anticipating Forest and Range Land Development in Central Oregon (USA) for Landscape Analysis, with an Example Application Involving Mule Deer

Jeffrey D. Kline, Alissa Moses, Theresa Burcsu

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010 Open Access

Indigenous Knowledge and Long-term Ecological Change: Detection, Interpretation, and Responses to Changing Ecological Conditions in Pacific Island Communities

Matthew Lauer, Shankar Aswani

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Proposal for an Integral Quality Index for Urban and Urbanized Beaches

Eduard Ariza, Jose A. Jimenez, Rafael Sarda, Miriam Villares, Josep Pinto, Rosa Fraguell, Elisabet Roca, Carolina Marti, Herminia Valdemoro, Ramon Ballester, Modest Fluvia

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Land Use in Korean Tidal Wetlands: Impacts and Management Strategies

Sun-Kee Hong, Chul-Hwan Koh, Richard R. Harris, Jae-Eun Kim, Jeom-Sook Lee, Byung-Sun Ihm

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Water Access, Water Scarcity, and Climate Change

Pierre Mukheibir

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Impacts of Adjacent Land Use and Isolation on Marsh Bird Communities

Lyndsay A. Smith, Patricia Chow-Fraser

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Resident Motivations and Willingness-to-Pay for Urban Biodiversity Conservation in Guangzhou (China)

Wendy Y. Chen, C. Y. Jim

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Public Perception of Blue-Algae Bloom Risk in Hongze Lake of China

Lei Huang, Kai Sun, Jie Ban, Jun Bi

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

An Assessment of Land Conservation Patterns in Maine Based on Spatial Analysis of Ecological and Socioeconomic Indicators

Christopher S. Cronan, Robert J. Lilieholm, Jill Tremblay, Timothy Glidden

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Assessing Surface Water Quality and Its Relation with Urban Land Cover Changes in the Lake Calumet Area, Greater Chicago

Cyril Wilson, Qihao Weng

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

How Widely Applicable is River Basin Management? An Analysis of Wastewater Management in an Arid Transboundary Case

Ines Dombrowsky, Ram Almog, Nir Becker, Eran Feitelson, Simone Klawitter, Stefan Lindemann, Natalie Mutlak

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Guiding Climate Change Adaptation Within Vulnerable Natural Resource Management Systems

Douglas K. Bardsley, Susan M. Sweeney

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Sustainably Harvesting a Large Carnivore? Development of Eurasian Lynx Populations in Norway During 160 Years of Shifting Policy

John D. C. Linnell, Henrik Broseth, John Odden, Erlend Birkeland Nilsen

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Using Newspaper Coverage Analysis to Evaluate Public Perception of Management in River-Floodplain Systems

Brack W. Hale

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Evaluating Conservation Program Success with Landsat and SWAT

Michael J. White, Daniel E. Storm, Philip Busteed, Scott Stoodley, Shannon J. Phillips

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Analyzing Hydrological Sustainability Through Water Balance

Anna Menció, Albert Folch, Josep Mas-Pla

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Assessing the Effects of Management Alternatives on Habitat Suitability in a Forested Landscape of Northeastern China

Jin Longru, Hong S. He, Zhou Yufei, Bu Rencang, Sun Keping

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Environmental Indicators to Assess the Risk of Diffuse Nitrogen Losses from Agriculture

Uwe Buczko, Rolf O. Kuchenbuch

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

An Integrated Sampling and Analysis Approach for Improved Biodiversity Monitoring

Amielle A. DeWan, Elise F. Zipkin

01.05.2010 | Ausgabe 5/2010

Analyzing the Data-Rich-But-Information-Poor Syndrome in Dutch Water Management in Historical Perspective

Jos G. Timmerman, Euro Beinat, Katrien Termeer, Wim Cofino

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