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Environmental Management

Environmental Management 6/2012

Ausgabe 6/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Integrating Climate Change into Habitat Conservation Plans Under the U.S. Endangered Species Act

Paola Bernazzani, Bethany A. Bradley, Jeffrey J. Opperman

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Introduction of Participatory Conservation in Croatia, Residents’ Perceptions: A Case Study from the Istrian Peninsula

Barbara Sladonja, Kristina Brščić, Danijela Poljuha, Neda Fanuko, Marin Grgurev

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Building Co-Management as a Process: Problem Solving Through Partnerships in Aboriginal Country, Australia

Melanie Zurba, Helen Ross, Arturo Izurieta, Philip Rist, Ellie Bock, Fikret Berkes

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Organic Matter Loading Affects Lodgepole Pine Seedling Growth

Xiaohua Wei, Qinglin Li, M. J. Waterhouse, H. M. Armleder

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

The Impact of Map and Data Resolution on the Determination of the Agricultural Utilisation of Organic Soils in Germany

Norbert Roeder, Bernhard Osterburg

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

The Control of an Invasive Bivalve, Corbicula fluminea, Using Gas Impermeable Benthic Barriers in a Large Natural Lake

Marion E. Wittmann, Sudeep Chandra, John E. Reuter, S. Geoffrey Schladow, Brant C. Allen, Katie J. Webb

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Identification of Quarries Rehabilitation Scenarios: A Case Study Within the Metropolitan Area of Bari (Italy)

Pasquale Dal Sasso, Maria Antonella Ottolino, Lucia Patrizia Caliandro

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012 Open Access

Risk and Cooperation: Managing Hazardous Fuel in Mixed Ownership Landscapes

A. Paige Fischer, Susan Charnley

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Managing Sustainable Development Conflicts: The Impact of Stakeholders in Small-Scale Hydropower Schemes

Laura Jane Watkin, Paul S. Kemp, Ian D. Williams, Ian A. Harwood

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Participation, Process Quality, and Performance of Marine Protected Areas in the Wider Caribbean

Tracey Dalton, Graham Forrester, Richard Pollnac

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Responses of Two Invasive Plants Under Various Microclimate Conditions in the Seoul Metropolitan Region

Uhram Song, Saeromi Mun, Chang-Hoi Ho, Eun Ju Lee

01.06.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint in the Wine Supply-Chain

Claudio Pattara, Andrea Raggi, Angelo Cichelli

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