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Environmental Management 6/2016
Environmental Management

Ausgabe 6/2016


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)


Impacts, Perceptions and Management of Climate-Related Risks to Cage Aquaculture in the Reservoirs of Northern Thailand
Louis Lebel, Phimphakan Lebel, Boripat Lebel

22.09.2016 | Original Article

Climate Change Perceptions of NY State Farmers: The Role of Risk Perceptions and Adaptive Capacity
Bruno Takahashi, Morey Burnham, Carol Terracina-Hartman, Amanda R Sopchak, Theresa Selfa


Farmers’ Options to Address Water Scarcity in a Changing Climate: Case Studies from two Basins in Mediterranean Chile
Lisandro Roco, David Poblete, Francisco Meza, George Kerrigan


Cranes and Crops: Investigating Farmer Tolerances toward Crop Damage by Threatened Blue Cranes (Anthropoides paradiseus) in the Western Cape, South Africa
Julia L. van Velden, Tanya Smith, Peter G. Ryan


Using Different Grazing Practices for Increasing Plant Biodiversity in the Dykes and Embankments Along the Rhône River (Southern France)
Cannelle Moinardeau, François Mesléard, Thierry Dutoit

Open Access 20.09.2016

Disentangling Puzzles of Spatial Scales and Participation in Environmental Governance—The Case of Governance Re-scaling Through the European Water Framework Directive
Jens Newig, Daniel Schulz, Nicolas W. Jager


Cost-Benefit Analysis of Green Infrastructures on Community Stormwater Reduction and Utilization: A Case of Beijing, China
Wen Liu, Weiping Chen, Qi Feng, Chi Peng, Peng Kang

30.09.2016 | Original Paper

Comparing and refining karst disturbance index methods through application in an island karst setting
Brandon L. Porter, Leslie A. North, Jason S. Polk


Risk-Based Prioritization Method for the Classification of Groundwater Pollution from Hazardous Waste Landfills
Yu Yang, Yong-Hai Jiang, Xin-Ying lian, Bei-Dou Xi, Zhi-fei Ma, Xiang-Jian Xu, Da An


Characterization of Coastal Drift-Cell Sediment Processes Effecting the Restoration of the Southern Lake Michigan Shoreline
Thomas P. Simon, Charles C. Morris, Erin P. Argyilan


Limited Influence of Urban Stormwater Runoff on Salt Marsh Platform and Marsh Creek Oxygen Dynamics in Coastal Georgia
William B. Savidge, Jonathan Brink, Jackson O. Blanton


A Large-Scale, Multiagency Approach to Defining a Reference Network for Pacific Northwest Streams
Stephanie Miller, Peter Eldred, Ariel Muldoon, Kara Anlauf-Dunn, Charlie Stein, Shannon Hubler, Lesley Merrick, Nick Haxton, Chad Larson, Andrew Rehn, Peter Ode, Jake Vander Laan