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Environmental Management

Environmental Management 6/2016

Ausgabe 6/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Impacts, Perceptions and Management of Climate-Related Risks to Cage Aquaculture in the Reservoirs of Northern Thailand

Louis Lebel, Phimphakan Lebel, Boripat Lebel

22.09.2016 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2016

Climate Change Perceptions of NY State Farmers: The Role of Risk Perceptions and Adaptive Capacity

Bruno Takahashi, Morey Burnham, Carol Terracina-Hartman, Amanda R Sopchak, Theresa Selfa

24.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Farmers’ Options to Address Water Scarcity in a Changing Climate: Case Studies from two Basins in Mediterranean Chile

Lisandro Roco, David Poblete, Francisco Meza, George Kerrigan

29.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Cranes and Crops: Investigating Farmer Tolerances toward Crop Damage by Threatened Blue Cranes (Anthropoides paradiseus) in the Western Cape, South Africa

Julia L. van Velden, Tanya Smith, Peter G. Ryan

29.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Using Different Grazing Practices for Increasing Plant Biodiversity in the Dykes and Embankments Along the Rhône River (Southern France)

Cannelle Moinardeau, François Mesléard, Thierry Dutoit

20.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016 Open Access

Disentangling Puzzles of Spatial Scales and Participation in Environmental Governance—The Case of Governance Re-scaling Through the European Water Framework Directive

Jens Newig, Daniel Schulz, Nicolas W. Jager

07.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Green Infrastructures on Community Stormwater Reduction and Utilization: A Case of Beijing, China

Wen Liu, Weiping Chen, Qi Feng, Chi Peng, Peng Kang

30.09.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Comparing and refining karst disturbance index methods through application in an island karst setting

Brandon L. Porter, Leslie A. North, Jason S. Polk

24.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Risk-Based Prioritization Method for the Classification of Groundwater Pollution from Hazardous Waste Landfills

Yu Yang, Yong-Hai Jiang, Xin-Ying lian, Bei-Dou Xi, Zhi-fei Ma, Xiang-Jian Xu, Da An

30.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Characterization of Coastal Drift-Cell Sediment Processes Effecting the Restoration of the Southern Lake Michigan Shoreline

Thomas P. Simon, Charles C. Morris, Erin P. Argyilan

29.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Limited Influence of Urban Stormwater Runoff on Salt Marsh Platform and Marsh Creek Oxygen Dynamics in Coastal Georgia

William B. Savidge, Jonathan Brink, Jackson O. Blanton

29.09.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

A Large-Scale, Multiagency Approach to Defining a Reference Network for Pacific Northwest Streams

Stephanie Miller, Peter Eldred, Ariel Muldoon, Kara Anlauf-Dunn, Charlie Stein, Shannon Hubler, Lesley Merrick, Nick Haxton, Chad Larson, Andrew Rehn, Peter Ode, Jake Vander Laan

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