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Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management

Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management 4/2019

Ausgabe 4/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

17.07.2019 | Original Research | Ausgabe 4/2019

Improvisation in Higher Education Management: Coping with Complexity and Organizational Dynamics

Vera Lucia Telles Scaglione, Victor Meyer Jr., Diórgenes Falcão Mamédio

18.07.2019 | Original Research | Ausgabe 4/2019

Flexibility in Cognitive Functioning: The Play of Paradox

Venkat Ram Reddy Ganuthula, Shuchi Sinha

24.08.2019 | Original Research | Ausgabe 4/2019

Strategy Development Through Stakeholder Involvement: A New Zealand Study

Arun A. Elias

09.09.2019 | Original Research | Ausgabe 4/2019

Innovation and Culture as a Dynamic Capability for Firm Performance: A Study from Emerging Markets

Amit Kumar Gupta, Narain Gupta

28.09.2019 | Original Research | Ausgabe 4/2019

Modified Pricing Model for Negotiation of Mortgage Valuation Between Estate Surveyors and Valuers and Their Clients

C. O. Iroham, M. E. Emetere, H. I. Okagbue, O. Ogunkoya, O. D. Durodola, N. J. Peter, O. M. Akinwale

12.10.2019 | Original Research | Ausgabe 4/2019

Managerial Paradox Toward Flexibility: Emergent Views Using Thematic Analysis of Literature

Sanjai Kumar Shukla, Sushil, Manoj Kumar Sharma

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