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International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials 3/2017
International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials

Ausgabe 3/2017


Inhaltsverzeichnis (10 Artikel)

Open Access 12.09.2017

Seismic Performance of Exterior RC Beam–Column Joints Retrofitted using Various Retrofit Solutions
Gia Toai Truong, Ngoc Hieu Dinh, Jong-Chan Kim, Kyoung-Kyu Choi

Open Access 18.09.2017

Evaluation of the Compatibility of Repair Materials for Concrete Structures
Giri Venkiteela, Matthew Klein, Husam Najm, Perumalsamy Naidu Balaguru

Open Access 12.09.2017

Evaluation of Fire-Damaged Concrete: An Experimental Analysis based on Destructive and Nondestructive Methods
Gang-Kyu Park, Hong Jae Yim

Open Access 13.09.2017

Experimental and Numerical Researches on the Seismic Behavior of Tubular Reinforced Concrete Columns of Air-Cooling Structures
Ning-jun Du, Guo-liang Bai, Ya-zhou Xu, Chao-gang Qin

Open Access 11.09.2017

Modeling of Bond Stress–Slip Relationships of a Strand in Concrete during Steam Curing
Chadon Lee, Sangmin Shin, Songhee Lee, Jeongha Oh

Open Access 18.09.2017

Analytical Study of Force–Displacement Behavior and Ductility of Self-centering Segmental Concrete Columns
Reza Hassanli, Osama Youssf, Julie Mills, Mostafa Fakharifar

Open Access 11.09.2017

Optimum Proportion of Masonry Chip Aggregate for Internally Cured Concrete
Shohana Iffat, Tanvir Manzur, Sayedur Rahman, Munaz Ahmed Noor, Nur Yazdani

Open Access 12.09.2017

An Experimental Study of Welded Bar Sleeve Wall Panel Connection under Tensile, Shear, and Flexural Loads
Jen Hua Ling, Ahmad Baharuddin Abd. Rahman, Izni Syahrizal Ibrahim, Zuhairi Abdul Hamid

Open Access 18.09.2017

Effect of Scoria on Various Specific Aspects of Lightweight Concrete
Eddie Franck Rajaonarison, Alexandre Gacoin, Roger Randrianja, Velomanantsoa Gabriely Ranaivoniarivo, Bam Haja Nirina Razafindrabe

Open Access 19.09.2017

Corrosion Deterioration of Steel in Cracked SHCC
Suvash Chandra Paul, Gideon Pieter Adriaan Greeff van Zijl

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