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International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Ausgabe 2/2022

Special Section: Understanding and Assessing Changing Risks: A Regional Disaster System Perspective (pp. 249–316)

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Open Access Article

A Building Classification System for Multi-hazard Risk Assessment

Vitor Silva, Svetlana Brzev, Charles Scawthorn, Catalina Yepes, Jamal Dabbeek, Helen Crowley

Open Access Article

Experimental Evidence for Coverage Preferences in Flood Insurance

J. Connor Darlington, Niko Yiannakoulias

Open Access Article

Dealing with Multisource Information for Estuarine Flood Risk Appraisal in Two Western European Coastal Areas

Ana Rodrigues Rilo, Alexandre Manuel de Oliveira Soares Tavares, Paula Maria dos Santos Freire, José Luis Zêzere

Open Access Article

Resilience in Agriculture: Communication and Energy Infrastructure Dependencies of German Farmers

Franz Kuntke, Sebastian Linsner, Enno Steinbrink, Jonas Franken, Christian Reuter

Open Access Article

How Participatory is Participatory Flood Risk Mapping? Voices from the Flood Prone Dharavi Slum in Mumbai

Subhajyoti Samaddar, Ha Si, Xinyu Jiang, Junho Choi, Hirokazu Tatano

Open Access Article

Carbon Emission Risk and Governance

Lu Jiang, Xiaokang Hu, Gangfeng Zhang, Yanqiang Chen, Honglin Zhong, Peijun Shi

Open Access Article

Typhoon Risk Perception: A Case Study of Typhoon Lekima in China

Jiting Tang, Saini Yang, Yimeng Liu, Kezhen Yao, Guofu Wang

Open Access Article

Risk Assessment of Tsunamis Along the Chinese Coast Due to Earthquakes

Chun Hui, Lixin Ning, Changxiu Cheng

Open Access Article

Machine Learning-Based Evaluation of Susceptibility to Geological Hazards in the Hengduan Mountains Region, China

Jiaqi Zhao, Qiang Zhang, Danzhou Wang, Wenhuan Wu, Ruyue Yuan

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