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International Journal of Material Forming 1/2018
International Journal of Material Forming

Ausgabe 1/2018


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

05.01.2017 | Review

Process-integrated gas- and spray-quenching for high-strength ductile forged components
Thibaud Bucquet, Timo Hoja, Steffen Waldeck, Sören Sander, Udo Fritsching

07.11.2016 | Original Research

Deep drawing behavior of twinning-induced plasticity-cored three-layer steel sheet
Seung Mi Baek, Jung Gi Kim, Jae Ik Yoon, Min Hong Seo, Won Tae Cho, Kwang-Geun Chin, Sunghak Lee, Hyoung Seop Kim

Open Access 19.11.2016 | Original Research

Benefits of stress superposition in combined bending-linear flow splitting process
P. Groche, C. Taplick, M. Özel, P. Mahajan, S. Stahl

19.11.2016 | Original Research

Influence of the forming angle in cross wedge rolling on the multi-directional forging of crankshafts
Bernd-Arno Behrens, Malte Stonis, Neelam Rasche

15.11.2016 | Original Research

Characterization of temperature-dependent tensile and flexural rigidities of a cross-ply thermoplastic lamina with implementation into a forming model
Lisa M. Dangora, Cynthia Mitchell, Kari D. White, James A. Sherwood, Jason C. Parker

19.11.2016 | Original Research

A multiphase Eulerian approach for modelling the polymer injection into a textured mould
Rebecca Nakhoul, Patrice Laure, Luisa Silva, Michel Vincent

10.11.2016 | Original Research

Investigating the effects of cross wedge rolling preforming operation and die forging with flash brakes on forging titanium hip implants
Bernd-Arno Behrens, Malte Stonis, Thoms Blohm, Johannes Richter

06.12.2016 | Original Research

Research on the whole tool mesh reconstruction in the process of springback compensation for auto-body panels
Zhihui Gong, Zhaobin Zhan, Zhang Xu, Guangyong Sun, Gang Zheng, Junjia Cui

21.12.2016 | Original Research

Influence of rheological behaviour on extrusion parameters during non-continuous extrusion of multi-base propellants
Juan Martinez-Pastor, Patricio Franco, F. Javier Ramirez, Pedro J. Lopez-Garcia

27.12.2016 | Original Research

Numerical and experimental investigations of laser shock forming aluminum alloy sheet with mold
Xingquan Zhang, Yan Zhang, Yiwei Zhang, Shanbao Pei, Zhilai Huang, Lei Deng, Shengzhi Li

24.12.2016 | Original Research

Inverse thermal mold design for injection molds
Adressing the local cooling demand as quality function for an inverse heat transfer problem
Ch. Hopmann, P. Nikoleizig

21.12.2016 | Original Research

Capability of iterative learning control and influence of the material properties on the improvement of the geometrical accuracy in incremental sheet forming process
A. Fiorentino, G.C. Feriti, E. Ceretti, C. Giardini

10.01.2017 | Original Research

The mechanical response of thermoplastic polyethylene monoliths containing longitudinal microcapillaries
D.I. Medina, G.J. McShane, J.A. Otero, M.R. Mackley

24.02.2017 | Original Research

Development of a hot stamped channel section with axially tailored properties – experiments and models
Kaab Omer, Ryan George, Alexander Bardelcik, Michael Worswick, Skye Malcolm, Duane Detwiler

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