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Journal of African American Studies 4/2021
Journal of African American Studies

Ausgabe 4/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (13 Artikel)


Introduction: The Continuing Significance of the Black Panther Party
Judson L. Jeffries

19.11.2021 | ARTICLES

Infrastructure and the Black Panther Party: Toward an Infrastructural Politics
D. W. Kamish

03.12.2021 | ARTICLES

The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service and the Politics of Art
Michael Macaluso

18.11.2021 | ARTICLES

Vanguards in the Classroom: History and Lessons from the Black Panther Party’s Oakland Community School
Akin Abioye

10.01.2022 | ARTICLES

Writing Instruction at the Black Panther Party’s Oakland Community School
Destiny Joilene Benjamin

01.11.2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Revolution or Death: The Life of Eldridge Cleaver, by Justin Gifford. Chicago, IL: Lawrence Hill Books, 2020. $28.99 Hardback. 331 Pages
Zachary Manditch-Prottas

13.12.2021 | REVIEW ESSAY

Eighth Wonder of the Western World: the Survival of African-Americans in a Hostile Environment
Ronald E Hall

30.12.2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Jelinek, Donald A. (2020). White Lawyer, Black Power: a Memoir of Civil Rights Activism in the Deep South
Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. pp. 296. ISBN 9781643361185
John Butler

12.01.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Bond, Julian. (2020). Julian Bond’s Time to Teach: A History of the Southern Civil Rights Movement
Boston, MA: Beacon Press. ISBN-13: 9780807033203. pp. 416. Hardback
Ava Anderson

28.12.2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Berry, Venise T. (2020). Racialism and the Media: Black Jesus, Black Twitter, and the First Black American President
New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc. 9781433172885. pp. 159. Paperback
Thomas DiPaola

27.12.2021 | BOOK REVIEW

Berry, Daina R., and Gross, Kali N. (2020). A Black Women’s History of the United States
Boston, Massachusetts: Beacon Press. ISBN 9780807033555. pp. 304. Hardback
Fakhtah Abdulla

02.11.2021 | FILM REVIEW

Nelson, Stanley (January, 2020) ESPN 30 for 30: Vick. Bristol, Connecticut, ESPN Films. 207 min
Courtney Gazmarian

01.12.2021 | FILM REVIEW

Alison Elwood (Director). (2020). The Women of Troy [Online]. USA: HBO Documentary. 58 min
Logan Favor

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