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Journal of Business and Psychology

Journal of Business and Psychology 1/2004

Ausgabe 1/2004

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Affect, Curiosity, and Socialization-Related Learning: A Path Analysis of Antecedents to Job Performance

Thomas G. Reio Jr., Jamie L. Callahan

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Determinants of a Negotiator's Initial Opening Offer

Marc Buelens, Dirk Van Poucke

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

The Effects of Participation in Goal Setting and Goal Rationales on Goal Commitment: An Exploration of Justice Mediators

Andrew Li, Adam B. Butler

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Illustrating a Hierarchical Approach for Selecting Personality Traits in Personnel Decisions: An Application of the 3M Model

Eric G. Harris, James M. Lee

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Relationships Between Conscientiousness Sub-Factors and Constructive and Destructive Behavioral Intentions

Eileen Reisert, Jeffrey M. Conte

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

The Risk-Based View of Trust: A Conceptual Framework

T. K. Das, Bing-Sheng Teng

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

“The Smarts That Counts?”: Psychologists' Decision-Making in Personnel Selection

Leehu Zysberg, Baruch Nevo

01.12.2004 | Ausgabe 1/2004

Too Good to Be True? Using Realism to Enhance Applicant Attraction

Todd J. Thorsteinson, Erin M. Palmer, Cynthia Wulff, Alexee Anderson

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