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Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics 2/2016

Ausgabe 2/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

13.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

The Sustainability Balanced Scorecard: A Systematic Review of Architectures

Erik G. Hansen, Stefan Schaltegger

14.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Corruption

Tobias Karmann, René Mauer, Tessa C. Flatten, Malte Brettel

14.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

The Limits of Generosity: Lessons on Ethics, Economy, and Reciprocity in Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

Carl Rhodes, Robert Westwood

14.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Internalized Moral Identity in Ethical Leadership

Rebekka Skubinn, Lisa Herzog

18.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Ordinary Aristocrats: The Discursive Construction of Philanthropists as Ethical Leaders

Helena Liu, Christopher Baker

18.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

When CEO Career Horizon Problems Matter for Corporate Social Responsibility: The Moderating Roles of Industry-Level Discretion and Blockholder Ownership

Won-Yong Oh, Young Kyun Chang, Zheng Cheng

19.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Re-thinking Capitalism: What We can Learn from Scholasticism?

Domènec Melé

19.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Corporate Social Responsibility as a Strategic Shield Against Costs of Earnings Management Practices

Jennifer Martínez-Ferrero, Shantanu Banerjee, Isabel María García-Sánchez

19.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Impact of Islamic Work Ethics on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Knowledge-Sharing Behaviors

Ghulam Murtaza, Muhammad Abbas, Usman Raja, Olivier Roques, Afsheen Khalid, Rizwan Mushtaq

21.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016 Open Access

Applying Behavioural Theory to the Challenge of Sustainable Development: Using Hairdressers as Diffusers of More Sustainable Hair-Care Practices

Denise Baden, Swarna Prasad

23.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Local Institutions, Audit Quality, and Corporate Scandals of US-Listed Foreign Firms

Lei Chen

23.09.2014 | Ausgabe 2/2016

Removing Vacant Chairs: Does Independent Directors’ Attendance at Board Meetings Matter?

Huilong Liu, Hong Wang, Liansheng Wu

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