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Journal of Business Ethics 2/2022
Journal of Business Ethics

Ausgabe 2/2022


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18.03.2021 | Original Paper

Socially Oriented Shareholder Activism Targets: Explaining Activists’ Corporate Target Selection Using Corporate Opportunity Structures
Abhijith G. Acharya, David Gras, Ryan Krause

29.04.2021 | Original Paper

Seeing the Issue Differently (Or Not At All): How Bounded Ethicality Complicates Coordination Towards Sustainability Goals
S. Wiley Wakeman, George Tsalis, Birger Boutrup Jensen, Jessica Aschemann-Witzel

Open Access 21.04.2021 | Original Paper

Creating Shared Value Through an Inclusive Development Lens: A Case Study of a CSV Strategy in Ghana’s Cocoa Sector
David Ollivier de Leth, Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen

08.02.2021 | Original Paper

Non-economic Performance of Benefit Corporations: A Variance Decomposition Approach
Pankaj C. Patel, C. S. Richard Chan

01.01.2021 | Original Paper

How Foreign Institutional Shareholders' Religious Beliefs Affect Corporate Social Performance?
Xuezhou Zhao, Libing Fang, Ke Zhang

04.03.2021 | Original Paper

Contracts Capsized by COVID-19: A Legal and Jewish Ethical Analysis
Tsuriel Rashi, Andrew A. Schwartz

Open Access 10.04.2021 | Original Paper

Putting the “Love of Humanity” Back in Corporate Philanthropy: The Case of Health Grants by Corporate Foundations
Muhammad Umar Boodoo, Irene Henriques, Bryan W. Husted

20.04.2021 | Original Paper

The Effect of Local Religiosity on Financing Cross-Regional Entrepreneurial Projects Via Crowdfunding (Local Religiosity and Crowdfinancing)
Francesca Di Pietro, Francesca Masciarelli

Open Access 07.01.2021 | Original Paper

Creating Social Value for the ‘Base of the Pyramid’: An Integrative Review and Research Agenda
Addisu A. Lashitew, Somendra Narayan, Eugenia Rosca, Lydia Bals

04.03.2021 | Original Paper

Non-audit Engagements and the Creation of Public Value: Consequences for the Public Interest
Bertrand Malsch, Marie-Soleil Tremblay, Jeffrey Cohen

30.03.2021 | Original Paper

Beyond Market Strategies: How Multiple Decision-Maker Groups Jointly Influence Underperforming Firms’ Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility
Xi Zhong, Liuyang Ren, Tiebo Song

20.04.2021 | Original Paper

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility: External Stakeholder Involvement, Productivity and Firm Performance
Jing Yang, Kelly Basile

02.01.2021 | Original Paper

The Role of Customer Perceived Ethicality in Explaining the Impact of Incivility Among Employees on Customer Unethical Behavior and Customer Citizenship Behavior
Yu-Shan Huang, Shuqin Wei, Tyson Ang

17.03.2021 | Original Paper

Assessing Customers' Moral Disengagement from Reciprocity Concerns in Participative Pricing
Preeti Narwal, J. K. Nayak, Shivam Rai

03.04.2021 | Original Paper

The Impact of Online Platforms’ Revenue Model on Consumers’ Ethical Inferences
Yi Su, Liyin Jin

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