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Journal of Engineering Thermophysics

Journal of Engineering Thermophysics 1/2016

Ausgabe 1/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Separation efficiency and pressure drop of SiC ceramic and Mellapak structured packings

A. N. Pavlenko, J. Zeng, N. I. Pecherkin, V. E. Zhukov, O. A. Volodin

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Heat transfer in a flow of gas mixture with low Prandtl number in triangular channels

O. V. Vitovsky, S. L. Elistratov, M. S. Makarov, V. E. Nakoryakov, V. S. Naumkin

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Bubble boiling in droplets of water and lithium bromide water solution

V. E. Nakoryakov, S. Ya. Misyura

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

The ranges of the aerodynamic drag coefficient of water droplets moving through typical gas media

R. S. Volkov, G. V. Kuznetsov, P. A. Kuibin, P. A. Strizhak

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Peculiarities of heat transfer in water droplets with a solid inclusion during heating in a high-temperature gas medium

G. V. Kuznetsov, P. A. Strizhak

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Brown coal gasification in combustion in supercritical water

A. A. Vostrikov, D. Yu. Dubov, M. Ya. Sokol, A. V. Shishkin, O. N. Fedyaeva

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Modeling of vapor condensation in a longitudinally finned minichannel

I. V. Marchuk, E. A. Chinnov, O. A. Kabov

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Numerical simulation of momentumless turbulent wake dynamics in linearly stratified medium

O. F. Voropaeva, O. A. Druzhinin, G. G. Chernykh

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Simulating compression waves in the outer atmosphere at depressurization of the pipeline with water coolant

M. V. Alekseev, I. S. Vozhakov, S. I. Lezhnin, N. A. Pribaturin

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Density, viscosity and speed of sound of benzaldehyde with benzene at 303.15, 308.15, and 313.15 K

K. Saravanakumar, T. G. Lavanya, T. R. Kubendran

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Sprinkler irrigation uniformity: Impact on the crop yield and water use efficiency

M. H. Abd El-Wahed, M. Medici, G. Lorenzini

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Second law analysis of the flow of two immiscible micropolar fluids between two porous beds

J. Srinivas, J. V. Ramana Murthy

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Application of a new equation of state to energy carriers

Mehdi Baniasadi, Saeed Amir Aslanzadeh, Maryam Baniasadi, Sattar Ghader

01.01.2016 | Ausgabe 1/2016

Hybrid synchronization of hyperchaotic CAI systems via sliding mode control

A. Khan, R. P. Prasad

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