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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 2/2011

Ausgabe 2/2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 23 Artikel )

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Induction Hardening 5150 Steel: Effects of Initial Microstructure and Heating Rate

K. D. Clarke, C. J. Van Tyne, C. J. Vigil, R. E. Hackenberg

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

A New Three-Parameter Model for Predicting Fatigue Crack Initiation Life

Zhongping Zhang, Qiang Sun, Chunwang Li, Yanjiang Qiao, Dongwei Zhang

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Texture Prediction of Cold- and Hot-Rolled Titanium Using Processing Path Model

J. Bouhattate, D. S. Li, Gilberto A. Castello Branco, Cristiane M. B. Bacaltchuk, H. Garmestani

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Forming Simulation and Experimental Verification of Combined Formation of Selective Laser Sintering and Cold Isostatic Pressing

Yan Ying Du, Yu Sheng Shi, Qing Song Wei

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

The Role of Surface Preparation Parameters on Cold Roll Bonding of Aluminum Strips

Roohollah Jamaati, Mohammad Reza Toroghinejad

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Casting-Based Production of Al-TiC-AlB2 Composite Material Through the Use of KBF4 Salt

A. E. Karantzalis, A. Lekatou, M. Georgatis, V. Poulas, H. Mavros

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Tensile Properties and Microstructures of Laser-Formed Ti-6Al-4V

J. Alcisto, A. Enriquez, H. Garcia, S. Hinkson, T. Steelman, E. Silverman, P. Valdovino, H. Gigerenzer, J. Foyos, J. Ogren, J. Dorey, K. Karg, T. McDonald, O. S. Es-Said

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Influence of Laser Power on the Hardening of Ti6Al4V Low-Pressure Steam Turbine Blade Material for Enhancing Water Droplet Erosion Resistance

B. S. Mann, Vivek Arya, B. K. Pant

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Characterization of High-Frequency Induction Brazed Magnesium Alloy Joint with an Al-Mg-Zn Filler Metal

Li Ma, Dingyong He, Xiaoyan Li, Jianmin Jiang

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Experimental Observations of Quasi-Static-Dynamic Formability in Biaxially Strained AA5052-O

Dahai Liu, Haiping Yu, Chunfeng Li

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

A Study on Microstructure and Dielectric Performances of Alumina/Copper Composites by Plasma Spray Coating

Kuan Hong Lin, Zi Hao Xu, Shun Tian Lin

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Processing, Microstructure, and Mechanical Properties of Large Spray-Deposited Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloy Tubular Preform

Zhigang Chen, Zhenhua Chen, Guoning Tang

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Process Parameters in Resistance Projection Welding for Optical Transmission Device Package

Her-Yueh Huang, Kuang-Hung Tseng

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

On the Change in Work Hardening Characteristics of Molybdenum Polycrystals Due to Natural Aging

Farooq Bashir, Muhammad Zakria Butt, Dilawar Ali

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Analysis of Heat Effects on Marine Corps AM2 Mat Mechanical Properties

V. Vega, U. Nguyen Huynh, J. Holmes, J. DeChellis, P. Stoyanov, D. Piatkowski, E. W. Lee, J. Ogren, N. Drusina, O. S. Es-Said

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Inhibition of Tryptophan on AA 2024 in Chloride-Containing Solutions

Xing Li, Bin Xiang, Xiu-li Zuo, Qin Wang, Zi-dong Wei

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Inhibition of Corrosion of 3003 Aluminum Alloy in Ethylene Glycol-Water Solutions

Y. Liu, Y. F. Cheng

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

XRD and SEM Investigation of Swift Heavy Ion-Irradiated Polyvinylidene Fluoride Thin Films

Dinesh Singh Rana, D. K. Chaturvedi, J. K. Quamara

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Synthesis and Multiferroic Properties of BFO Ceramics by Melt-Phase Sintering

M. S. Awan, A. S. Bhatti

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Study of Steel Emissivity Characteristics and Application of Multispectral Radiation Thermometry (MRT)

Chang-Da Wen

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Oxidation of Uncoated and Aluminized 9-12% Cr Boiler Steels at 550-650 °C

J. Metsäjoki, E. Huttunen-Saarivirta, T. Lepistö

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Box-Behnken Design of Experiments Investigation of Hydroxyapatite Synthesis for Orthopedic Applications

S. Kehoe, J. Stokes

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 2/2011

Influence of SiC Particles Distribution and Their Weight Percentage on 7075 Al Alloy

Rajesh Kumar Bhushan, Sudhir Kumar

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