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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 3/2011

Ausgabe 3/2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Scalability of an Unstructured Grid Continuous Galerkin Based Hurricane Storm Surge Model

S. Tanaka, S. Bunya, J. J. Westerink, C. Dawson, R. A. Luettich Jr.

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

A Speed-Up Strategy for Finite Volume WENO Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Fei Teng, Li Yuan, Tao Tang

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

A Mixed Finite Element Method for the Biharmonic Problem Using Biorthogonal or Quasi-Biorthogonal Systems

Bishnu P. Lamichhane

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Guaranteed and Fully Robust a posteriori Error Estimates for Conforming Discretizations of Diffusion Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients

Martin Vohralík

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Recipes for Spatial Statistics with Global Datasets: A Martian Case Study

Suniti Karunatillake, Steven W. Squyres, Olivier Gasnault, John M. Keller, Daniel M. Janes, William V. Boynton, Michael J. Finch

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Characteristic Line Based Schemes for Solving a Quasilinear Hierarchical Size-Structured Model

Tchavdar T. Marinov, Keng Deng

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Lattice Boltzmann Model Based on the Rebuilding-Divergency Method for the Laplace Equation and the Poisson Equation

Huimin Wang, Guangwu Yan, Bo Yan

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Edge Detection by Adaptive Splitting

Bernardo Llanas, Sagrario Lantarón

01.03.2011 | Ausgabe 3/2011

Efficient MFS Algorithms for Inhomogeneous Polyharmonic Problems

A. Karageorghis

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