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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 3/2015

Ausgabe 3/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

A Frequency-Domain Approach for the Approximation of Time-Dependent Radiative Transfer

Mohamed Addam, Abderrahman Bouhamidi, Mohammed Seaid

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Convergence Analysis of a Minimax Method for Finding Multiple Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equation: Part I—On Polyhedral Domain

Xudong Yao

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Design of Loop’s Subdivision Surfaces by Fourth-Order Geometric PDEs with Boundary Conditions

Guoliang Xu, Qing Pan

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

KdV Equation and Computations of Solitons: Nonlinear Error Dynamics

V. M. Ashwin, K. Saurabh, M. Sriramkrishnan, P. M. Bagade, M. K. Parvathi, Tapan K. Sengupta

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Numerical Algorithms for the Forward and Backward Fractional Feynman–Kac Equations

Weihua Deng, Minghua Chen, Eli Barkai

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Compact Crank–Nicolson Schemes for a Class of Fractional Cattaneo Equation in Inhomogeneous Medium

Xuan Zhao, Zhi-Zhong Sun

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Runge–Kutta Residual Distribution Schemes

Andrzej Warzyński, Matthew E. Hubbard, Mario Ricchiuto

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

The Entropy Satisfying Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Fokker–Planck equations

Hailiang Liu, Hui Yu

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

A Level Set Approach Reflecting Sheet Structure with Single Auxiliary Function for Evolving Spirals on Crystal Surfaces

T. Ohtsuka, Y.-H. R. Tsai, Y. Giga

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Numerical Treatment of Interfaces for Second-Order Wave Equations

Florencia Parisi, Mariana Cécere, Mirta Iriondo, Oscar Reula

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

Numerical Investigations of an Implicit Leapfrog Time-Domain Meshless Method

Guido Ala, Elisa Francomano

01.03.2015 | Ausgabe 3/2015

High-Order Flux Reconstruction Schemes with Minimal Dispersion and Dissipation

Kartikey Asthana, Antony Jameson

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