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Journal of Scientific Computing

Journal of Scientific Computing 3/2018

Ausgabe 3/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

23.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Convergence Analysis of the Inexact Simplified Jacobi–Davidson Algorithm for Polynomial Eigenvalue Problems

Tao Zhao

23.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Periodic qd-Type Reduction for Computing Eigenvalues of Structured Matrix Products to High Relative Accuracy

Rong Huang

20.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Insights on Aliasing Driven Instabilities for Advection Equations with Application to Gauss–Lobatto Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

Juan Manzanero, Gonzalo Rubio, Esteban Ferrer, Eusebio Valero, David A. Kopriva

24.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Higher-Order Adaptive Finite Difference Methods for Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Equations

Brittany Froese Hamfeldt, Tiago Salvador

09.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Numerical Method for Solving the Time-Fractional Dual-Phase-Lagging Heat Conduction Equation with the Temperature-Jump Boundary Condition

Cui-cui Ji, Weizhong Dai, Zhi-zhong Sun

31.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Fast Algorithm for the Moments of Bingham Distribution

Yixiang Luo, Jie Xu, Pingwen Zhang

25.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Ordered Line Integral Methods for Computing the Quasi-Potential

Daisy Dahiya, Maria Cameron

08.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Interior Penalties for Summation-by-Parts Discretizations of Linear Second-Order Differential Equations

Jianfeng Yan, Jared Crean, Jason E. Hicken

05.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Multi-Level Mixed Element Method for the Eigenvalue Problem of Biharmonic Equation

Shuo Zhang, Yingxia Xi, Xia Ji

02.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Parallel Partition of Unity Scheme Based on Two-Grid Discretizations for the Navier–Stokes Problem

Guangzhi Du, Liyun Zuo

07.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

A Lagrangian Scheme for the Solution of Nonlinear Diffusion Equations Using Moving Simplex Meshes

José A. Carrillo, Bertram Düring, Daniel Matthes, David S. McCormick

08.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

On an New Algorithm for Function Approximation with Full Accuracy in the Presence of Discontinuities Based on the Immersed Interface Method

Sergio Amat, Zhilin Li, Juan Ruiz

12.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Fast Algorithm for Deconvolution and Poisson Noise Removal

Xiongjun Zhang, Michael K. Ng, Minru Bai

15.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Radial Basis Function Methods for the Rosenau Equation and Other Higher Order PDEs

Ali Safdari-Vaighani, Elisabeth Larsson, Alfa Heryudono

11.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Computations of Optimal Transport Distance with Fisher Information Regularization

Wuchen Li, Penghang Yin, Stanley Osher

15.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Unbalanced and Partial Monge–Kantorovich Problem: A Scalable Parallel First-Order Method

Ernest K. Ryu, Wuchen Li, Penghang Yin, Stanley Osher

14.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Computational Global Tangential Krylov Subspace Method for Model Reduction of Large-Scale MIMO Dynamical Systems

A. H. Bentbib, K. Jbilou, Y. Kaouane

21.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Fast Preconditioned Penalty Method for American Options Pricing Under Regime-Switching Tempered Fractional Diffusion Models

Siu-Long Lei, Wenfei Wang, Xu Chen, Deng Ding

13.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Convergence Analysis of Iterative Laplace Transform Methods for the Coupled PDEs from Regime-Switching Option Pricing

Jingtang Ma, Zhiqiang Zhou

17.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

A Sixth-Order Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Schemes Based on Exponential Polynomials for Hamilton–Jacobi Equations

Youngsoo Ha, Chang Ho Kim, Hyoseon Yang, Jungho Yoon

25.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Frozen Gaussian Approximation-Based Artificial Boundary Conditions for One-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in the Semiclassical Regime

Ricardo Delgadillo, Xu Yang, Jiwei Zhang

22.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

A Regular Integral Equation Formalism for Solving the Standard Boussinesq’s Equations for Variable Water Depth

T. S. Jang

22.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

The Linear Barycentric Rational Method for a Class of Delay Volterra Integro-Differential Equations

Ali Abdi, Jean–Paul Berrut, Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini

02.12.2017 | Ausgabe 3/2018

Exact Simulation of the Jump Times of a Class of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

Vincent Lemaire, Michèle Thieullen, Nicolas Thomas

27.10.2017 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 3/2018

An Improved Third-Order WENO-Z Scheme

Weizheng Xu, Weiguo Wu

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