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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2/2000

Ausgabe 2/2000

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

Contracts, norms, and plural form governance

Joseph P. Cannon, Ravi S. Achrol, Gregory T. Gundlach

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

An examination of selected marketing mix elements and brand equity

Boonghee Yoo, Naveen Donthu, Sungho Lee

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

Interimistic relational exchange: Conceptualization and propositional development

C. Jay Lambe, Robert E. Spekman, Shelby D. Hunt

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

Determinants of sports sponsorship response

Richard Speed, Peter Thompson

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

The effect of market orientation on product innovation

Bryan A. Lukas, O. C. Ferrell

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

The influence of cause-related marketing on consumer choice: Does one good turn deserve another?

Michael J. Barone, Anthony D. Miyazaki, Kimberly A. Taylor

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

An integrated model of sales managers’ communication practices

Mark C. Johlke, Dale F. Duhan, Roy D. Howell, Robert W. Wilkes

01.03.2000 | Research Note | Ausgabe 2/2000

The effects of extrinsic product cues on consumers’ perceptions of quality, sacrifice, and value

R. Kenneth Teas, Sanjeev Agarwal

01.03.2000 | Research Note | Ausgabe 2/2000

The role of slotting fees and introductory allowances in retail buyers’ new-product acceptance decisions

J. Chris White, Lisa C. Troy, R. Nicholas Gerlich

01.03.2000 | Research Note | Ausgabe 2/2000

Development and validation of scales to measure attitudes influencing monetary donations to charitable organizations

Deborah J. Webb, Corliss L. Green, Thomas G. Brashear

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

Reviews of books

Victoria L. Crittenden, Maria Sannella, Dwayne D. Gremler, Nancy Menelly Bulkley, Irfan Ahmed, Michael Brady

01.03.2000 | Ausgabe 2/2000

Marketing and the law

Ann C. Morales, Anita Cava, René Sacasas, Debra Burke

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