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Journal of Visualization 5/2020
Journal of Visualization

Ausgabe 5/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

19.06.2020 | Review Paper

Time-varying volume visualization: a survey
Zhihui Bai, Yubo Tao, Hai Lin

15.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Unsteady skin-friction field estimation based on global luminescent oil-film image analysis
Taekjin Lee, Chungil Lee, Taku Nonomura, Keisuke Asai

06.07.2020 | Regular Paper

Evaluating the applicability of a phase-averaged processing of skin-friction field measurement using an optical flow method
Chungil Lee, Taekjin Lee, Taku Nonomura, Keisuke Asai

07.07.2020 | Regular Paper

Flow transitions in collisions between vortex-rings and density interfaces
K. W. B. Yeo, J. Y. Koh, J. Long, T. H. New

16.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Identification of the vortex around a vehicle by considering the pressure minimum
Yusuke Nakamura, Takuji Nakashima, Takenori Hiraoka, Keigo Shimizu, Takahide Nouzawa, Yasuaki Doi, Hidemi Mutsuda

05.07.2020 | Regular Paper

POD analysis of passage-layout effect on unsteady internal flow in a realistic blade serpentine coolant channel with low aspect ratios
Jian Pu, Ren-bin Yu, Jian-hua Wang, Bo Wan, Jian-xia Luo, Shu-qing Tian

25.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Visualization of shock wave propagation due to underwater explosion
Jayabal Rajasekar, Tae Ho Kim, Heuy Dong Kim

06.07.2020 | Regular Paper

Visualization of the shock wave/boundary layer interaction using polarization imaging
Lin He, Xiao-ge Lu

27.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Affordable schlieren visualization methods for understanding three-dimensional supersonic flows
S. Vaisakh, T. M. Muruganandam

05.07.2020 | Regular Paper

An experimental study of gas nuclei-assisted hydrodynamic cavitation for aquaculture water treatment
Tandiono Tandiono, Chang Wei Kang, Xin Lu, Cary K. Turangan, Matthew Tan, Hafiiz Bin Osman, Fannon Lim

19.06.2020 | Regular Paper

High-speed visualization and image processing of sub-atmospheric water boiling on a transparent heater
Vladimir Serdyukov, Ivan Malakhov, Anton Surtaev

05.07.2020 | Regular Paper

Visualization of aluminum dust flame propagation in a square-section tube: comparison of schlieren, shadowgraphy and direct visualization techniques
Clement Chanut, Frederic Heymes, Pierre Lauret, Zacaria Essaidi, Pierre Slangen

Open Access 25.06.2020 | Regular Paper

What more than a hundred project groups reveal about teaching visualization
Michael Burch, Elisabeth Melby

16.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Accelerating visual communication of mathematical knot deformation
Juan Lin, Hui Zhang

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