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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 3/2021
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

Ausgabe 3/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (30 Artikel)

15.01.2021 | Environmental Engineering

Effects of Different Coagulants on Coagulation Process for Removal of Microcystis aeruginosa
Hun Kyun Bae

18.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering

Post Buckling Behavior of Slender Piles Partially Embedded in Sand Soil under Axial Load
Ali Mohammed Basha

08.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering

Consolidation of Unsaturated Drainage Well Foundation with Smear Effect under Time-Dependent Loading
Yuanchun Huang, Tianyi Li, Xianlei Fu

22.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering

Internal Force of the Anti-slide Pile in Soil Based on the Deep Beam Model
Jun Wang, Jie Liu, Qiao Liang

15.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering

Pipe-Soil Interaction and Sensitivity Study of Large-Diameter Buried Steel Pipes
He-Gao Wu, Jin-Hong Yu, Chang-Zheng Shi, Zhu Ma

22.12.2020 | Geotechnical Engineering

Strength and Mechanism of Carbonated Solidified Clay with Steel Slag Curing Agent
Man Li, Qiang Wang, Jingdong Yang, Xiaoliang Guo, Wenjun Zhou

15.01.2021 | Geotechnical Engineering

Detecting Piston Effect on Drilled Shafts Side Resistance Using Instrumented Pile Load Tests
Sherif Adel Yahia Akl, Mostafa Elsayed Mossaad

24.12.2020 | Highway Engineering

Strain Response Regularity and Viscoplastic Model of Asphalt Binder and Asphalt Mastic Based on Repeated Creep and Recovery Test
Yanqiu Bi, Yong Wen, Jianzhong Pei, Jiupeng Zhang, Rui Li

13.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Effect of Purposive Distribution of Fibers to Prevent the Penetration of Bullet in Concrete Walls
Fereydoon Omidinasab, Amirhosein Sahraei Moghadam

22.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Numerical Analysis on Buffeting Performance of a Long-Span Four-Tower Suspension Bridge Using the FEM Model
Hao Wang, Zidong Xu, Min Yang, Tianyou Tao, Jianxiao Mao, Hui Gao

22.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Condition Assessment of Stay Cables via Cloud Evidence Fusion
Shuang Sun, Li Liang, Ming Li

13.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Research on the Detection of the Broken Wire Damage of a Cable in the Circumferential Directions Based on Self-magnetic Flux Leakage
Yinghao Qu, Jianting Zhou, Renming Liu, Leng Liao, Qingyuan Zhao

08.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Prediction of Catenary Action Capacity of RC Beam-Column Substructures under a Missing Column Scenario Using Evolutionary Algorithm
Iftikhar Azim, Jian Yang, Muhammad Farjad Iqbal, Zafar Mahmood, Muhammad Faisal Javed, Feiliang Wang, Qing-feng Liu

15.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

An Experimental Study on Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete T-shaped Columns Subjected to Combined Loads
Zhigang Yu, Deshan Shan

08.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Assessment of Steel Slag and Steel Fiber to Control Electromagnetic Shielding in High-Strength Concrete
Tian-Feng Yuan, Jin-Seok Choi, Seong-Kyum Kim, Young-Soo Yoon

13.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

A New Composite Truss Bridge and a Study on Its Dynamic Characteristics with FE and Experimental Methods
Xiaoli Xie, Yang Huang, Xia Qin

15.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Influences of Steel Fiber Content on Size Effect of the Fracture Energy of High-Strength Concrete
Ping Xu, Jinyi Ma, Yahong Ding, Minxia Zhang

13.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Numerical Study of RC Beam-Column Joints Using a 4-Node Lattice Element Analysis Method
Minho Kwon, Yeongseok Jeong, Jinsup Kim

15.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Fire Performance of Continuous Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Girders
Gang Zhang, Chaojie Song, Xuyang Li, Shuanhai He, Qiao Huang

08.01.2021 | Structural Engineering

Structural Damage Identification Based on Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm
Chunbao Xiong, Sida Lian

24.12.2020 | Structural Engineering

Assessment of Dynamic Response of 3D Ultra High Performance Concrete Frame Structure under High Explosion Using Johnson-Holmquist 2 Model
Viet-Chinh Mai, Ngoc-Quang Vu

22.01.2021 | Transportation Engineering

The Impact of Aircraft Cabin Environment on Passenger Boarding Efficiency and Robustness
Shengjie Qiang, Qingxia Huang

15.01.2021 | Transportation Engineering

System Analysis of Potential Accidents on Mountain Road Based on Rough Set and Quantitative Theory
Jian Jun Wang, Xu Dong Cao

08.01.2021 | Transportation Engineering

Analysis of Flow Characteristics and Step Size of Escalators at Metro Stations
Dharitri Kahali, Rajat Rastogi

22.01.2021 | Transportation Engineering

Comparative Analysis of Spatial Impact of Living Social Overhead Capital on Housing Price by Residential type
Yeol Choi, IlYoung Jeung, JeJin Park

15.01.2021 | Tunnel Engineering

Sub-level Classification and Prediction System of Fully Weathered Red Sandstone Rock Mass Based on Physical Property Indices
Haiyan Xu, Zimeng Shao, Zhijie Wang, Libin Cai, Zhen Li, Xinzheng Jiang

15.01.2021 | Tunnel Engineering

Performance of Tunnel Feet-Lock Pipe (TFP) in Sharing Vertical Foundation Load
Lijun Chen, Jianxun Chen, Yao Li, Yanbin Luo, Yongjun Mu, Taotao Hu, Chuanwu Wang

18.01.2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering

Monitoring the Effects of Drought on Vegetation Cover and Ground Water Using MODIS Satellite Images and ANN
Atta Areffian, Saeid Eslamian, Maryam Kiani Sadr, Ali Khoshfetrat

25.01.2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering

Application of Self-adaptive Vision-Correction Algorithm for Water-Distribution Problem
Eui Hoon Lee

22.01.2021 | Water Resources and Hydrologic Engineering

The Effects of Climate Change on the Reuse of Agricultural Drainage Water in Irrigation
Agbortoko Bate Ashu, Sang-Il Lee