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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 10/1999

Ausgabe 10/1999

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

A numerical model of peritectoid transformation

A. Das, I. Manna, S. K. Pabi

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Multicomponent diffusion simulation based on finite elements

Ernst Kozeschnik

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Interaction energy between martensitic variants

G. Reisner, F. D. Fischer, Y. H. Wen, E. A. Werner

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Formation of α phase in the massive and feathery γ-TiAl alloys during aging in the single α field

W. J. Zhang, G. L. Chen, E. Evangelista

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Improvement of shape memory effect in Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni alloys

Chenxu Zhao

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Evaluation of the methods for calculating the concentration-dependent diffusivity in binary systems

Sridhar K. Kailasam, Jeffrey C. Lacombe, Martin E. Glicksman

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

The effect of Mg on the microstructure and mechanical behavior of Al-Si-Mg casting alloys

C. H. Caceres, C. J. Davidson, J. R. Griffiths, Q. G. Wang

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

A general approach for predicting the drawing fracture load and limit drawing ratio of an axisymmetric drawing process

Zhi Deng, M. R. Lovell, Wolfgang Bleck, Kostas Papamantellos

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Properties of the Ir85Nb15 two-phase refractory superalloys with nickel additions

Y. F. Gu, Y. Yamabe-Mitarai, Y. Ro, T. Yokokawa, H. Harada

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Influence of cold rolling and strain rate on plastic response of powder metallurgy and chemical vapor deposition rhenium

B. J. Koeppel, G. Subhash

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Tensile strength of thermomechanically processed Cu-9Ni-6Sn alloys

Jae Chul Rhu, Sang Shik Kim, Yun Chul Jung, Seung Zeon Han, Chang Joo Kim

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Microstructural effects on high-cycle fatigue-crack initiation in A356.2 casting alloy

B. Zhang, D. R. Poirier, W. Chen

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

A process model for the heat-affected zone microstructure evolution in Al-Zn-Mg weldments

B. I. Bjørneklett, Ø. Grong, O. R. Myhr, A. O. Kluken

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Synthesis and cyclic oxidation behavior of a (Ni, Pt) Al coating on a desulfurized Ni-base superalloy

Y. Zhang, W. Y. Lee, J. A. Haynes, I. G. Wright, K. M. Cooley, P. K. Liaw

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Open-die forging of structurally porous sandwich panels

D. M. Elzey, H. N. G. Wadley

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Mathematical modeling of the hot-deformation behavior of superalloy IN718

J. M. Zhang, Z. Y. Gao, J. Y. Zhuang, Z. Y. Zhong

01.10.1999 | Ausgabe 10/1999

Degradation mechanism of SiC/Super α 2 composite due to interfacial reaction

S. Ochiai, T. Inoue, T. Fujita, M. Hojo, H. J. Dudek, R. Leucht

01.10.1999 | Communications | Ausgabe 10/1999

Magnetic transformation of Ni2AlMn heusler-type shape memory alloys

F. Gejima, Y. Sutou, R. Kainuma, K. Ishida

01.10.1999 | Communications | Ausgabe 10/1999

Wide-gap transient liquid-phase bonding of Ti-48 at. pct Al - 2 at. pct Cr - 2 at. pct Nb

W. F. Gale, Y. Xu, X. Wen, Z. A. M. Abdo

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