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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 8/2005

Ausgabe 8/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Microstructure and second-phase particles in low- and high-pressure die-cast magnesium alloy AM50

Val Y. Gertsman, Jian Li, Su Xu, James P. Thomson, Mahi Sahoo

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Phenomenological calculation of the Fe-Pd-based L10-ordered phase in the Fe-Pd-Ni ternary system

T. Horiuchi, M. Igarashi, F. Abe, K. Ohkubo, S. Miura, T. Mohri

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Comparison of precipitates between excess Si-type and balanced-type Al-Mg-Si alloys during continuous heating

Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno, Kiyoshi Terayama, Hiroaki Matsui, Tatsuo Sato, Yasuhiro Uetani

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Comparison of thermodynamic databases for 3xx and 6xxx aluminum alloys

C. Ravi, C. Wolverton

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Crystallographic and electrochemical characteristics of La0.7Mg0.3Ni5.5−x (Al0.5Mo0.5) x (x=0 to 0.8) hydrogen storage alloys

X. B. Zhang, W. Y. Yin, Y. J. Chai Ph.D.s, M. S. Zhao, D. Z. Sun Ph.D.

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Crystallography of the δ→α martensitic transformation in plutonium alloys

Yongmei M. Jin, Armen G. Khachaturyan, Yu U. Wang, Chris R. Krenn, Adam J. Schwartz

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Liquid metal corrosion of 316L, Fe3Al, and FeCrSi in molten Zn-Al baths

Xingbo Liu, Ever Barbero, Jing Xu, Matthew Burris, Keh-Minn Chang, Vinod Sikka

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

The effect of cold deformation on the kinetics of the β″ precipitates in an Al-Mg-Si alloy

Reza S. Yassar, David P. Field, Hasso Weiland

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Atomistic simulations of the effects of segregated elements on grain-boundary fracture in body-centered-cubic Fe

D. Farkas, B. Hyde, R. Nogueira, M. Ruda

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

The reheating-cooling method: A technique for measuring mechanical properties in the nonequilibrium mushy zones of alloys

Q. Han, M. I. Hassan, K. Saito, S. Viswanathan, S. K. Das

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Improvement of toughness and ductility of a cryomilled Al-Mg alloy via microstructural modification

B. Q. Han, E. J. Lavernia, F. A. Mohamed, C. C. Bampton

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Modeling the precipitation processes and strengthening mechanisms in a Mg-Al-(Zn) AZ91 alloy

C. R. Hutchinson, J. F. Nie, S. Gorsse

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Effective grain size and charpy impact properties of high-toughness X70 pipeline steels

Byoungchul Hwang, Yang Gon Kim, Sunghak Lee, Young Min Kim, Nack J. Kim, Jang Yong Yoo

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Microstructure and properties of cast ingots of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys modified with Sc and Zr

O. N. Senkov, R. B. Bhat, S. V. Senkova, J. D. Schloz

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Measurements of the grain boundary energy and anisotropy in tin

D. J. Rowenhorst, P. W. Voorhees

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Characterization of a continuous CO2 laser-welded Fe-Cu dissimilar couple

Gandham Phanikumar, Sambandam Manjini, Pradip Dutta, Kamanio Chattopadhyay, Jyotirmoy Mazumder

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Linear friction welding of Ti-6Al-4V: Processing, microstructure, and mechanical-property inter-relationships

P. Wanjara, M. Jahazi

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Steam oxidation of 80Ni-20Cr high-velocity oxyfuel coatings on 9Cr-1Mo steel: Diffusion-induced phase transformations in the substrate adjacent to the coating

T. Sundararajan, S. Kuroda, F. Abe

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of passive layers formed on Pb-Sn and Pb-Sb alloys

Jing Xu, Xiaogang Li, Xingbo Liu, Nathaniel Deem, Ever Barbero, Chaofang Dong

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

A technique for characterizing microsegregation in multicomponent alloys and its application to single-crystal superalloy castings

M. Ganesan, D. Dye, P. D. Lee

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Evolution of particle morphology in semisolid processing

R. A. Martinez, Merton C. Flemings

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Processing, microstructure, and mechanical properties of cast in-Situ Al(Mg,Mn)-Al2O3(MnO2) composite

Abdulhaqq A. Hamid, S. C. Jain, P. K. Ghosh, Subrata Ray

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Microstructural evolution and superplasticity of Al-5.8Mg-0.23Mn alloys processed by reciprocating extrusion

Shih-Wei Lee, Jien-Wei Yeh

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Si and Sb added AZ91 magnesium alloy

A. Srinivasan, U. T. S. Pillai, B. C. Pai

01.08.2005 | Ausgabe 8/2005

Correlating the microstructure of the die-chill skin and the corrosion properties for a hot-chamber die-cast AZ91D magnesium alloy

Bing-Lung Yu, Jun-Yen Uan

01.08.2005 | Communications | Ausgabe 8/2005

Enhancing physical and mechanical properties of Mg using nanosized Al2O3 particulates as reinforcement

S. F. Hassan, M. Gupta

01.08.2005 | Communications | Ausgabe 8/2005

Erosion-corrosion behavior of SiC particle-reinforced Al-Si alloy in NaOH slurry

Y. L. Saraswathi, S. Das, D. P. Mondal

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