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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 6/2008

Ausgabe 6/2008

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Factors Affecting the Precipitation of Potassium Jarosite in Sulfate and Chloride Media

J.E. Dutrizac

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Reduction of Iron-Oxide-Carbon Composites: Part I. Estimation of the Rate Constants

S. Halder, R.J. Fruehan

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Reduction of Iron-Oxide-Carbon Composites: Part II. Rates of Reduction of Composite Pellets in a Rotary Hearth Furnace Simulator

S. Halder, R.J. Fruehan

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Reduction of Iron-Oxide-Carbon Composites: Part III. Shrinkage of Composite Pellets during Reduction

S. Halder, R.J. Fruehan

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Simulation of Fluid and Inclusions Dynamics during Filtration Operations of Ductile Iron Melts Using Foam Filters

O. Dávila-Maldonado, A. Adams, L. Oliveira, B. Alquist, R.D. Morales

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008 Open Access

Influence of Straight Nozzles on Fluid Flow in Mold and Billet Quality

E. Torres-Alonso, R.D. Morales, S. Garcia-Hernandez, A. Najera-Bastida, A. Sandoval-Ramos

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Thermodynamics of the Formation of MgO-Al2O3-TiO x Inclusions in Ti-Stabilized 11Cr Ferritic Stainless Steel

Joo Hyun Park, Sang-Beom Lee, Henri R. Gaye

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Mechanisms of Grain Size Evolution during Aluminum Spray Forming

Yaojun Lin, Yizhang Zhou, Enrique J. Lavernia

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Transient Mold Fluid Flow with Well- and Mountain-Bottom Nozzles in Continuous Casting of Steel

R. Chaudhary, Go-Gi Lee, B.G. Thomas, Seon-Hyo Kim

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

A Model for Predicting the Austenite Grain Size at the Surface of Continuously-Cast Slabs

Christian Bernhard, Jürgen Reiter, Hubert Presslinger

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

A Mixed Integer Programming Model for the Multiperiod Scheduling Problem of Blending Zinc-Bearing Materials to Minimize Setups in the Hydrometallurgical Process

Seong-in Kim, Junghee Han, Youngho Lee, Bo-Kyung Shim, Ibrahim A. Hameed

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Selective Removal of Copper(II) and Nickel(II) from Aqueous Solution Using the Chemically Treated Chitosan: Factorial Design Evaluation

M. Sepehran, B. Nasernejad, M. Edrissi

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 6/2008

Effect of Solidification Rate and Heat Treating on the Microstructure and Tensile Behavior of an Aluminum-Copper Alloy

M.A. Talamantes-Silva, A. Rodríguez, J. Talamantes-Silva, S. Valtierra, R. Colás

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