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Ausgabe 2/2015

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The End of Two Eras?

Jonathan Walker



Cover Story

The Accelerating Pace of Low Speed Evolution

Jonathan Walker

Cover Story

Common Rail Pumps and Injectors for Large Diesel and Dual-fuel Two-stroke Engines

Alexander C. Kaiser, Horst Ressel, Clemens Senghaas


Advanced Medium Speed Gas Engine for Land and Sea

Satoru Goto, Koichi Watanabe, Toru Hashimoto


Modular Airless SCR Systems for Large Engines

Marc Sommerfeld, Andy Wang, Kevin Fan


A Method for Developing Countermeasures to Lube-oil Pre-ignition in Gas Engines

Shengrong Zhu, Emmanuella Sotiropoulou, Luigi Tozzi, Shinji Yasueda

Guest Commentary

Why System Integration?

Marko Dekena

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