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Ausgabe 10/2023

Inhalt (13 Artikel)


Friend or Foe

Marc Ziegler

Cover Story

Flexible and Efficient

Thomas Schneider

Cover Story

Fuel Cell System for Long-haul Applications

Thomas Mittermeier, Achim Moritz, Christoffer Uhr, Thomas Wintrich

Cover Story

"The main drive will be electric"

Marc Ziegler

Cover Story

Holistically Optimized 800-V Hybrid Powertrain

Patrick Noone, Michael Conin, Aaron Kappes, Christian Beidl


Companies + Products

Thomas Schneider


Innovative Quenched and Tempered Steel for the Production of Components for Hydrogen Drives

Waldemar Raskop, Christopher Tom Engler, Frank Schneidewind, David-Daniel Bückert, Martin Sekura


Arterial Cooling and Optimized Mixture Formation Concept for a CV Hydrogen Combustion Engine

Lukas Virnich, Avnish Dhongde, Raymund Tensing, M. Can Kayacan


Ignition Control Module for Hydrogen Combustion Engines

Jakob Ängeby, Bert Gustafsson, Anders Johnsson


Modular Object-oriented Architectures for Scalable Hybrid Powertrains

Maximilian Stumpp, Alexander Kuznik, Christian Beidl

Guest Commentary

Modeling and Simulation in Fuel Cell Development

Henrik Ekström

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