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Neural Processing Letters

Neural Processing Letters 2/2018

Ausgabe 2/2018

Special Issue: Off the Mainstream

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 32 Artikel )

05.06.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Off the Mainstream: Advances in Neural Networks and Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition

Edmondo Trentin, Friedhelm Schwenker, Neamat El Gayar, Hazem M. Abbas

07.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Multilayer Graph Node Kernels: Stacking While Maintaining Convexity

Luca Oneto, Nicolò Navarin, Alessandro Sperduti, Davide Anguita

11.08.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Time Series Prediction for Graphs in Kernel and Dissimilarity Spaces

Benjamin Paaßen, Christina Göpfert, Barbara Hammer

09.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

On the Impact of Using Utilities Rather than Costs for Graph Matching

Kaspar Riesen, Andreas Fischer, Horst Bunke

14.10.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

A Temporal Dependency Based Multi-modal Active Learning Approach for Audiovisual Event Detection

Patrick Thiam, Sascha Meudt, Günther Palm, Friedhelm Schwenker

26.10.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Dynamic Hybrid Random Fields for the Probabilistic Graphical Modeling of Sequential Data: Definitions, Algorithms, and an Application to Bioinformatics

Marco Bongini, Antonino Freno, Vincenzo Laveglia, Edmondo Trentin

27.10.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Neural Networks Pipeline for Offline Machine Printed Arabic OCR

Mohamed A. Radwan, Mahmoud I. Khalil, Hazem M. Abbas

04.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Time Series Classification in Reservoir- and Model-Space

Witali Aswolinskiy, René Felix Reinhart, Jochen Steil

02.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Theoretical Foundations for the Alpha-Beta Associative Memories: 10 Years of Derived Extensions, Models, and Applications

Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez, Itzamá López-Yáñez, Mario Aldape-Pérez, Oscar Camacho-Nieto, Amadeo José Argüelles-Cruz, Yenny Villuendas-Rey

23.10.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

On the Weighted Pseudo-Almost Periodic Solution for BAM Networks with Delays

Boudour Ammar, Hajer Brahmi, Farouk Chérif

06.10.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

The Influence of Multi-class Feature Selection on the Prediction of Diagnostic Phenotypes

Ludwig Lausser, Robin Szekely, Lyn-Rouven Schirra, Hans A. Kestler

17.02.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Ultra-Sparse Classifiers Through Minimizing the VC Dimension in the Empirical Feature Space

Submitted to the Special Issue on “Off the Mainstream: Advances in Neural Networks and Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition”
Jayadeva, Mayank Sharma, Sumit Soman, Himanshu Pant

05.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Soft-Constrained Neural Networks for Nonparametric Density Estimation

Edmondo Trentin

30.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Density Based Cluster Growing via Dominant Sets

Jian Hou, Xu E, Weixue Liu

21.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

A New Conjugate Gradient Method with Smoothing Regularization Based on a Modified Secant Equation for Training Neural Networks

Wenyu Li, Yan Liu, Jie Yang, Wei Wu

21.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Robust Exponential Synchronization for Stochastic Delayed Neural Networks with Reaction–Diffusion Terms and Markovian Jumping Parameters

Tengda Wei, Yangfan Wang, Linshan Wang

25.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Global Asymptotic Stability for Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays via New Lyapunov Functionals and Complex-Valued Inequalities

Zhengqiu Zhang, Dangli Hao

28.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Global Asymptotic Periodic Synchronization for Delayed Complex-Valued BAM Neural Networks via Vector-Valued Inequality Techniques

Zhengqiu Zhang, Ailing Li, Lin Yang

28.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction Using Signal Preprocessing Technique and Evolutionary Support Vector Regression

Jujie Wang, Yaning Li

29.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Approximate Solutions of Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations Using Radial Basis Function Networks

Fatma B. Rizaner, Ahmet Rizaner

29.11.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Exploring Implicit Semantic Constraints for Bilingual Word Embeddings

Jinsong Su, Zhenqiao Song, Yaojie Lu, Mu Xu, Changxing Wu, Yidong Chen

02.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

An Empirical Study for Transboundary Pollution of Three Gorges Reservoir Area with Emission Permits Trading

Zuliang Lu, Yuming Feng, Shuhua Zhang, Lin Li, Longzhou Cao

05.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

First-Order Sensitivity Analysis for Hidden Neuron Selection in Layer-Wise Training of Networks

Bo Li, Cheng Chen

05.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Associative Memory Realized by Reconfigurable Coupled Three-Cell CNNs

Yanyi Liu, Wenbo Liu, Yin Wu

08.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Developmental Network: An Internal Emergent Object Feature Learning

Dongshu Wang, Junhao Wang, Lei Liu

09.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Fixed-Time Synchronization of Coupled Discontinuous Neural Networks with Nonidentical Perturbations

Xusen Zhu, Xinsong Yang, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat

11.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Adaptive Finite-Time Synchronization of Neutral Type Dynamical Network with Double Derivative Coupling

Yuhua Xu, Wuneng Zhou, Hongqian Lu, Chengrong Xie, Dongbing Tong

12.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

A Novel Least Square Twin Support Vector Regression

Zhiqiang Zhang, Tongling Lv, Hui Wang, Liming Liu, Junyan Tan

14.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Pseudo Almost Periodic Solutions for Fuzzy Cellular Neural Networks with Multi-proportional Delays

Jiaxin Liang, Hao Qian, Bingwen Liu

19.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Domain Adaptation with Twin Support Vector Machines

Xijiong Xie, Shiliang Sun, Huahui Chen, Jiangbo Qian

19.12.2017 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Image Segmentation via Mean Curvature Regularized Mumford-Shah Model and Thresholding

Qianting Ma, Jialin Peng, Dexing Kong

03.01.2018 | Ausgabe 2/2018

Method for Meteorological Early Warning of Precipitation-Induced Landslides Based on Deep Neural Network

Lu Huang, Lu-yang Xiang

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