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Production Engineering 5/2021
Production Engineering

Ausgabe 5/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

01.05.2021 | Assembly

Study on the balance between FSW parameters and heat treatment for an optimized Al2024-T8 joint: microstructural and tensile evaluations
S. Yousefi Shivyari, A. Hosseini Monazzah

Open Access 08.04.2021 | Computer Aided Engineering

Predicting regenerative chatter in milling with hardware-in-the-loop simulation using a dexel-based cutting model
Sascha Röck

Open Access 08.05.2021 | Production Management

Predicting performance indicators with ANNs for AI-based online scheduling in dynamically interconnected assembly systems
Amon Göppert, Leon Mohring, Robert H. Schmitt

Open Access 22.03.2021 | Production Management

A comprehensive KPI network for the performance measurement and management in global production networks
B. Verhaelen, F. Mayer, S. Peukert, G. Lanza

10.04.2021 | Production Management

An alternative for improving setup times and time between failures aiming at manufacturing lead time reduction
Marcel Heimar Ribeiro Utiyama, Moacir Godinho Filho, Pedro Carlos Oprime

Open Access 09.04.2021 | Production Management

Reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions by production system energy flexibility through the integration of renewable energy
Sergio Materi, Antonio D’Angola, Diana Enescu, Paolo Renna

Open Access 21.04.2021 | Production Process

Real-time stiffness compensation and force control of cooperating robots in robot-based double sided incremental sheet forming
Dennis Möllensiep, Timo Gorlas, Philipp Kulessa, Bernd Kuhlenkötter

09.04.2021 | Production Process

Reusable unit process life cycle inventory (UPLCI) for manufacturing: laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF)
Erick Ramirez-Cedillo, Erika García-López, Leopoldo Ruiz-Huerta, Ciro A. Rodriguez, Hector R. Siller

Open Access 31.03.2021 | Production Process

High performance peel grinding of steel shafts using coarse electroplated CBN grinding wheels
B. Denkena, A. Krödel, M. Wilckens

Open Access 11.04.2021 | Production Process

Analysis of batch asymmetry and batch line position for the decision support in the glass melting process
Maciej Klemiato, Paweł Rotter, Andrzej Skowiniak

27.03.2021 | Production Process

Blank shape optimization in the deep drawing process by sun method
Hamidreza Gharehchahi, Mohammad Javad Kazemzadeh-Parsi, Ahmad Afsari, Mehrdad Mohammadi

03.05.2021 | Production Process

Experimental study of single grit scratch test on carbon fiber-reinforced polyether ether ketone
Mohammad Khoran, Bahman Azarhoushang, Amir Daneshi

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