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Public Choice

Public Choice 1-2/2018

Ausgabe 1-2/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

17.07.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018

Overlapping political budget cycles

Dirk Foremny, Ronny Freier, Marc-Daniel Moessinger, Mustafa Yeter

03.07.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018

Bargaining and the effectiveness of economic development incentives: an evaluation of the Texas chapter 313 program

Nathan M. Jensen

18.07.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018 Open Access

Complete information pivotal-voter model with asymmetric group size

Christos Mavridis, Marco Serena

05.07.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018

Fast, frugal and correct? An experimental study on the influence of time scarcity and quantity of information on the voter decision making process

Michal Tóth, Roman Chytilek

31.07.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018 Open Access

Rank effects in political promotions

Jaakko Meriläinen, Janne Tukiainen

31.07.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018 Open Access

Does corruption throw sand into or grease the wheels of financial sector development?

Arusha Cooray, Friedrich Schneider

01.08.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018

A capture theory of committees

Alvaro J. Name-Correa, Huseyin Yildirim

07.08.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018

The effect of democratic decision-making on investment in reputation

Ruth Ben-Yashar, Miriam Krausz, Shmuel Nitzan

22.08.2018 | Ausgabe 1-2/2018

Arm your friends and save on defense? The impact of arms exports on military expenditures

Oliver Pamp, Florian Dendorfer, Paul W. Thurner

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