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Quantum Information Processing

Quantum Information Processing 4/2021

Ausgabe 4/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Improved statistical fluctuation analysis for twin-field quantum key distribution

Jooyoun Park, Jonghyun Lee, Jun Heo

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Novel methods to construct nonlocal sets of orthogonal product states in an arbitrary bipartite high-dimensional system

Guang-Bao Xu, Dong-Huan Jiang

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Entanglement-assisted Reed–Solomon codes over qudits: theory and architecture

Priya J. Nadkarni, Shayan Srinivasa Garani

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum k-means algorithm based on trusted server in quantum cloud computing

Changqing Gong, Zhaoyang Dong, Abdullah Gani, Han Qi

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum forgery attacks on COPA, AES-COPA and marble authenticated encryption algorithms

Yinsong Xu, Wenjie Liu, Wenbin Yu

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Probing Chern number of quasicrystals with disorders in optical lattices

Sheng Liu, Qi-Zhe Hou

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

The verification of a requirement of entanglement measures

Xianfei Qi, Ting Gao, Fengli Yan

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

An improved hybrid quantum optimization algorithm for solving nonlinear equations

Yumin Dong, Jinlei Zhang

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Finite-key analysis of sending-or-not-sending twin-field quantum key distribution with intensity fluctuations

Yi-Fei Lu, Yang Wang, Mu-Sheng Jiang, Fan Liu, Xiao-Xu Zhang, Wan-Su Bao

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Robustness of Wigner function negativity under the exciton-exciton interaction effects inside two coupled semiconductor quantum dots

Fatima-Zahra. Siyouri, Hicham. Ait Mansour

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum summation using d-level entanglement swapping

Cai Zhang, Yinxiang Long, Qin Li

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Digital quantum simulation of non-equilibrium quantum many-body systems

Benedikt Fauseweh, Jian-Xin Zhu

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Engineering distributed atomic NOON states via single-photon detection

Chuang Li, Ying Dong, Jiandong Zhang, Yan Xia, Jie Song, Weiqiang Ding

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Using small-scale quantum devices to solve algebraic equations

Hongshu Li, Zhi Ma, Hong Wang, Qianheng Duan, Yangyang Fei, Xiangdong Meng

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Hierarchy of quantum correlations under non-Markovian dynamics

K. G. Paulson, Ekta Panwar, Subhashish Banerjee, R. Srikanth

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum Bell states-based anonymous voting with anonymity trace

Qingle Wang, Jiangshan Liu, Yuancheng Li, Chaohang Yu, Shijie Pan

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Multi-mode plug-and-play dual-phase-modulated continuous-variable quantum key distribution

Xiaodong Wu, Yijun Wang, Duan Huang, Ying Guo

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum thermometry by single qubit-probe in a thermal XY spin-chain bath

Lionel Tenemeza Kenfack, William Degaulle Waladi Gueagni, Martin Tchoffo, Lukong Cornelius Fai

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Strong convergence of quantum channels

M. E. Shirokov

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Entanglement-based quantum key distribution with untrusted third party

Chang-Yue Zhang, Zhu-Jun Zheng

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Entanglement versus Bell nonlocality of quantum nonequilibrium steady states

Kun Zhang, Jin Wang

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum three-box paradox: a proposal for atom optics implementation

Muhammad Imran, Rameez-ul Islam, Muhammad Haroon Saeed, Manzoor Ikram

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Characterizing Bell state analyzer using weak coherent pulses

Donghwa Lee, Young-Wook Cho, Hyang-Tag Lim, Sang-Wook Han, Hojoong Jung, Sung Moon, Yong-Su Kim

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Constacyclic codes over mixed alphabets and their applications in constructing new quantum codes

Hai Q. Dinh, Sachin Pathak, Tushar Bag, Ashish Kumar Upadhyay, Woraphon Yamaka

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Criteria for partial entanglement of three qubit states arising from distributive rules

Kyung Hoon Han, Seung-Hyeok Kye

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Measurement-device-independent mutual quantum entity authentication

Ji-Woong Choi, Min-Sung Kang, Chang Hoon Park, Hyung-Jin Yang, Sang-Wook Han

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Three-party semi-quantum protocol for deterministic secure quantum dialogue based on GHZ states

Ri-Gui Zhou, Xiaoxue Zhang, Fengxin Li

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Optimizing the decoy-state BB84 QKD protocol parameters

Thomas Attema, Joost W. Bosman, Niels M. P. Neumann

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum private comparison of size using d-level Bell states with a semi-honest third party

WanQing Wu, YongXin Zhao

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Quantum k-uniform states for heterogeneous systems from irredundant mixed orthogonal arrays

Shanqi Pang, Xiao Zhang, Shao-Ming Fei, Zhu-Jun Zheng

01.04.2021 | Ausgabe 4/2021

Proving the distillability problem of two-copy Werner states for monomial matrices

Lin Chen, Huixia He, Xian Shi, Li-Jun Zhao

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