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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 10/2012

Ausgabe 10/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 33 Artikel )

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Development of a soil-plant-atmosphere continuum model (HDS-SPAC) based on hybrid dual-source approach and its verification in wheat field

YuTing Yang, SongHao Shang, Huade Guan

01.10.2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Ausgabe 10/2012

A new criterion for defining the breakpoint of the wetted perimeter-discharge curve and its application to estimating minimum instream flow requirements

BaoHui Men, ChangMing Liu, ChunKun Lin

01.10.2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Ausgabe 10/2012

Piezoelectric active control for tail buffeting at high angle of attack

Wei Wang, XinPing Zhang, ZhiChun Yang, Bin Li, JinLi Liu

01.10.2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Ausgabe 10/2012

Aeroelastic trim and flight loads analysis of flexible aircraft with large deformations

Chao Yang, LiBo Wang, ChangChuan Xie, Yi Liu

01.10.2012 | Progress of Projects Supported by NSFC | Ausgabe 10/2012

Path planning of unmanned aerial vehicle based on improved gravitational search algorithm

Pei Li, HaiBin Duan

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Aeroelastic stability analysis of heated panel with aerodynamic loading on both surfaces

Jian Zhou, ZhiChun Yang, YingSong Gu

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Review of studies on structural performance of recycled aggregate concrete in China

JianZhuang Xiao, Mulife Tawana, Xiao Huang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Scattering simulation and reconstruction of a 3D complex target above an underlying surface using SIMO radar with plane array

Wei Li, YaQiu Jin

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Theoretical development for DSMC local time stepping technique

GuoBiao Cai, Wei Su, FengLong Hou

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Numerical study of high-pressure GO2/GH2 combustion of a single-element injector

XiaoWei Wang, GuoBiao Cai, HongFa Huo

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Comparison between the ring current energy injection and decay under southward and northward IMF Bz conditions during geomagnetic storms

XiaoFei Shi, QiuGang Zong, YongFu Wang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Study on the flow field and concentration characteristics of the multiple tandem jets in crossflow

ZhiWei Li, WenXin Huai, ZhongDong Qian

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

The suction force effect analysis of large civil aircraft ditching

Tao Zhang, Shu Li, HengChao Dai

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Numerical simulation of rotor-airframe aerodynamic interaction based on unstructured dynamic overset grids

HeYong Xu, ZhengYin Ye

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Static and dynamic design based on hierarchical optimization for materials and structure of porous metals

YuanDong Liu, YiHui Yin, ZhongZe Guo

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Experimental study on a designed jet cavitation device for producing two-dimensional nanosheets

JinZhi Li, Min Yi, ZhiGang Shen, ShuLin Ma, XiaoJing Zhang, YuShan Xing

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Periodic switching oscillation and mechanism in a periodically switched BZ reaction

XiangHong Li, Chun Zhang, Yue Yu, QinSheng Bi

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Prediction of the conducted EMI in PWM converter system with parasitic parameters considered

Bin Liang, KeXin Wei, YouJun Yue

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

OpenMP-based parallel transient stability simulation for large-scale power systems

QuanYuan Jiang, Han Jiang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Optimization of heat transfer and heat-work conversion based on generalized heat transfer law

XueTao Cheng, WenHua Wang, XinGang Liang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

New experimental method for inundation effect of film condensation on horizontal tube bundle

ZhiXian Ma, JiLi Zhang, DeXing Sun

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Study on the onset temperature of a standing-wave thermoacoustic engine based on circuit network theory

LiMin Qiu, BiHui Lai, YiTao Zhao, DaMing Sun, XueJun Zhang, YanFeng Li

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Internal heat transfer coefficients in microporous media with rarefaction effects

RuiNa Xu, YuLi Huang, PeiXue Jiang, BuXuan Wang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Modeling and behaviours of rockfill materials in three-dimensional stress space

Yang Xiao, HanLong Liu, JunGao Zhu, WeiCheng Shi

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Inspection of reinforced concrete interface delamination using ultrasonic guided wave non-destructive test technique

DongSheng Li, Tao Ruan, JunHui Yuan

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

A scientific study on the Xing kiln of ancient China

XiaoKe Lu, WeiDong Li, HongJie Luo, LiSen Han, HuiMin Wang, Qiang Li

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Influence of structure transition on plastic behaviors of iron based ordered alloys

WeiMin Mao, Ping Yang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

A stiffness-matching based evaluation approach for compliance of mechanical systems in shield tunneling machines

Yong Zhao, Hao Wang, HaiDong Yu, XinMin Lai, ZhongQin Lin

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Effect of the number of layers on the bond strength for multi-layer brittle coating-substrate system

YongGuang Wang, ZiFeng Ni, GuoZhong Chen, AnQi Chen, YongShuai Su, YongWu Zhao

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Hybrid undulatory kinematics of a robotic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus): Theoretical modeling and experimental investigation

Li Wen, TianMiao Wang, GuanHao Wu, JianHong Liang

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Numerical simulation of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability using the MPS method

HuiFang Cheng, ShengYao Jiang, HanLiang Bo, RiQiang Duan

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Effect of cooling rate on β →α transformation during quenching of a Zr-0.85Sn-0.4Nb-0.4Fe-0.1Cr-0.05Cu alloy

LinJiang Chai, BaiFeng Luan, JianWei Chen, Jun Zhou, Qing Liu

01.10.2012 | Ausgabe 10/2012

Progress in control approaches for hypersonic vehicle

HaiBin Duan, Pei Li

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