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Science China Technological Sciences

Science China Technological Sciences 12/2008

Ausgabe 12/2008

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 23 Artikel )

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Thermoelastic properties of sandwich materials with pin-reinforced foam cores

TianJian Lu, Tao Liu, ZiChen Deng

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Synthesis of zinc oxide nanocrystals by thermal decomposition of Zn-oleate in organic medium

ChenSha Li, YuNing Li, YiLiang Wu, Beng S. Ong, Rafik O. Loutfy

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

A theoretical analysis of optical-to-THz conversion efficiency via optical rectification

DeHua Li, XiaoDong Qi, ShengGang Liu

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Corrosion science general-purpose data model and interface (III): Data integration and management environment

ZiLong Tang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Security region based real and reactive power pricing of power system

YiXin Yu, YanJun Wang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

A novel method to analyze damping effect of VSC based FACTS

WenJuan Du, HaiFeng Wang, ShiJie Cheng

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Analysis of the effects of the heat of sorption on the process of heat transfer in moisture exchange across a membrane

Teng Hu, JingChun Min, YaoZu Song

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

A new type of plunge pool—Multi-horizontal submerged jets

Jun Deng, WeiLin Xu, JianMing Zhang, JinXue Qu, YongQuan Yang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Study on testing and establishment method for the load spectrum of bogie frame for high-speed trains

ShuGuang Zhang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Effect of matrix cracking on the time delayed buckling of viscoelastic laminated circular cylindrical shells

Fan Peng, YiMing Fu, YaoJun Chen

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Step kinematic calibration of a 3-DOF planar parallel kinematic machine tool

Peng Chang, JinSong Wang, TieMin Li, XinJun Liu, LiWen Guan

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

An e-quality control model for multistage machining processes of workpieces

DaoYu Liu, PingYu Jiang, YingFeng Zhang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

A three-dimensional coupled numerical model of nonlinear waves in a harbor

DaGuo Wang, ZhiLi Zou, L.G. Tham, ChunAn Tang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

A new generation of plastic optical fibers and its functional exploiting

RongJin Yu, Bing Zhang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

The time and energy signals, counter plateau, energy resolution and gas gains performances of a new kind of micro-pattern gaseous detector-Micromegas

XiaoDong Zhang, HeRun Yang, HuShan Xu, LiMin Duan, BiTao Hu, ChunYan Li, ZuYu Li

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Optimization model and algorithm for mixed traffic of urban road network with flow interference

BingFeng Si, JianCeng Long, ZiYou Gao

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Analysis and control of the thermal runaway of ceramic slab under microwave heating

ChangJun Liu, Dongwoo Sheen

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Kinetic limit for incubation period of primary phase produced by the combination reaction between two solid heterogeneous pure metals

JiangTao Xiong, JingLong Li, FuSheng Zhang, Xin Lin, WeiDong Huang

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Employing incomplete complex modes for model updating and damage detection of damped structures

HuaJun Li, FuShun Liu, Sau-Lon James Hu

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Model test on sand retaining wall reinforced with denti-strip inclusions

MengXi Zhang, Huai Zhou

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Integrated intelligent control analysis on semi-active structures by using magnetorheological dampers

ZhaoDong Xu, YingQing Guo

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

Investigation on performance of a solar thermophotovoltaic system

Xue Chen, YiMin Xuan, YuGe Han

01.12.2008 | Ausgabe 12/2008

The electric properties and the current-controlled differential negative resistance of cBN crystal

QingPing Dou, HaiTao Ma

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