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Small Business Economics

Small Business Economics 2/2008

Ausgabe 2/2008

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

01.02.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Entrepreneurship in the Theory of the Firm

Philip E. Auerswald

01.02.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Determinants of the Incidence and Scale of Seed Capital Investments by Venture Capital Firms

Dimo Dimov, Gordon Murray

01.02.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Opportunity Identification and Pursuit: Does an Entrepreneur’s Human Capital Matter?

Deniz Ucbasaran, Paul Westhead, Mike Wright

01.02.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Technological Regimes and Firm Survival: Evidence Across Sectors and Over Time

Pei-Chou Lin, Deng-Shing Huang

01.02.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008 Open Access

Business Starters and Credit Rationing

Boris F. Blumberg, Wilko A. Letterie

01.02.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Does Gibrat’s Law Hold? Evidence from Canadian Retail and Manufacturing Firms

Robert Petrunia

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