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Small Business Economics 3/2021
Small Business Economics

Ausgabe 3/2021

Special Issue: REFUGEE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Special Issue: Sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems: How do contextual factors support and constrain sustainable entrepreneurial activities in a regional ecosystem? and Special Issue: The age of digital entrepreneurship.


Inhaltsverzeichnis (18 Artikel)


Refugee entrepreneurship: context and directions for future research
Sameeksha Desai, Wim Naudé, Nora Stel

Open Access 22.01.2020

Self-employment and reason for migration: are those who migrate for asylum different from other migrants?
Zovanga L. Kone, Isabel Ruiz, Carlos Vargas-Silva

Open Access 06.02.2020

The occupational trajectories and outcomes of forced migrants in Sweden. Entrepreneurship, employment or persistent inactivity?
Mikaela Backman, Esteban Lopez, Francisco Rowe

Open Access 20.01.2020

Ethnic enclaves and segregation—self-employment and employment patterns among forced migrants
Johan Klaesson, Özge Öner

Open Access 13.01.2020

Understanding the gender gap in immigrant entrepreneurship: a multi-country study of immigrants’ embeddedness in economic, social, and institutional contexts
Steven A. Brieger, Michael M. Gielnik

Open Access 13.01.2020

The labor market reintegration of returned refugees in Afghanistan
Craig Loschmann, Katrin Marchand


Sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems: an emerging field of research
Christine Volkmann, Klaus Fichter, Magnus Klofsten, David B. Audretsch


From individual sustainability orientations to collective sustainability innovation and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems
Lori DiVito, Zita Ingen-Housz


Towards sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems: examining the effect of contextual factors on sustainable entrepreneurial activities in the sharing economy
Susanne Pankov, Vivek K. Velamuri, Dirk Schneckenberg

Open Access 11.11.2019

The buzz before business: a design science study of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem
Gregory O’Shea, Steffen Farny, Henri Hakala


A study on the perceived strength of sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems on the dimensions of stakeholder theory and culture
Kathrin Bischoff

Open Access 11.11.2019

University-linked programmes for sustainable entrepreneurship and regional development: how and with what impact?
Marcus Wagner, Stefan Schaltegger, Erik G. Hansen, Klaus Fichter


The age of digital entrepreneurship
Jean-Michel Sahut, Luca Iandoli, Frédéric Teulon


The entrepreneurial process and online social networks: forecasting survival rate
Yang Song, Leo Paul Dana, Ron Berger


Corporate entrepreneurship, product innovation, and knowledge conversion: the role of digital platforms
Wissal Ben Arfi, Lubica Hikkerova


Does gender diversity among new venture team matter for R&D intensity in technology-based new ventures? Evidence from a field experiment
Mahamadou Biga-Diambeidou, Maria Giuseppina Bruna, Rey Dang, L’Hocine Houanti


Corporate venture capital in the IT sector and relationships in VC syndication networks
Eric Braune, Jean-Sébastien Lantz, Jean-Michel Sahut, Frédéric Teulon


Segmenting “digital investors”: evidence from the Italian equity crowdfunding market
Rosangela Feola, Massimiliano Vesci, Ezio Marinato, Roberto Parente

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