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Social Justice Research

Social Justice Research 3/2019

Ausgabe 3/2019

Special issue on Justice and Health Part 2

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

The Consequences of Social Inequality for the Health and Development of India’s Children: The Case of Caste, Sanitation, and Child Height

Melissa LoPalo, Diane Coffey, Dean Spears

04.03.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Simultaneous Use of Public and Private Specialist Services as a Potential Strategic Behaviour in Access to the National Health Service: Is There a Pattern by Socio-economic Level?

M. A. Negrín, J. Pinilla, I. Abásolo

08.05.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

(In)-Equality in the Allocation of R&D Resources for Rare Diseases

Setti Raïs Ali, Sandy Tubeuf

26.02.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Self-Objectification, System Justifying Beliefs, and the Rise of Labiaplasty

Caroline E. Drolet, Anne M. Drolet

05.07.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Risk Exposure, Humanitarianism and Willingness to Pay for Universal Healthcare: A Cross-National Analysis of 28 Countries

Luis Maldonado, Francisco Olivos, Juan Carlos Castillo, Jorge Atria, Ariel Azar

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 3/2019

Public Health as Social Justice? A Qualitative Study of Public Health Policy-Makers’ Perspectives

Maxwell J. Smith, Alison Thompson, Ross E. G. Upshur

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