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Soft Computing

Soft Computing 7/2006

Ausgabe 7/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

The reliability of general vague fault-tree analysis on weapon systems fault diagnosis

J.-R. Chang, K.-H. Chang, S.-H. Liao, C.-H. Cheng

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Dynamic fuzzy OWA model for group multiple criteria decision making

J.-R. Chang, T.-H. Ho, C.-H. Cheng, A.-P. Chen

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Robust maximum entropy clustering algorithm with its labeling for outliers

Wang Shitong, Korris F.L. Chung, Deng Zhaohong, Hu Dewen, Wu Xisheng

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Representation of IF-probability on MV-algebras

Katarína Lendelová, Jozefí na Petrovičová

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Sparse distributed fuzzy inference systems

A. Kong

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Multi-objective genetic algorithm based approaches for mining optimized fuzzy association rules

Mehmet Kaya

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

ICA based identification of dynamical systems generating synthetic and real world time series

Angelo Ciaramella, Enza De Lauro, Salvatore De Martino, Mariarosaria Falanga, Roberto Tagliaferri

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

⋆-autonomous lattices and fuzzy sets

F. Paoli

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

A new kind of fuzzy regression modeling and its combination with fuzzy inference

Rajan Alex

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Edge detection using ant algorithms

Hossein Nezamabadi-pour, Saeid Saryazdi, Esmat Rashedi

01.05.2006 | Ausgabe 7/2006

Note on inter-expressibility of logical connectives in finitely-valued Gödel-Dummett logics

V. Švejdar

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