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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 4/2018
Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization

Ausgabe 4/2018


Inhaltsverzeichnis (26 Artikel)

21.02.2018 | RESEARCH PAPER

Multi-objective optimization of a composite stiffened panel for hybrid design of stiffener layout and laminate stacking sequence
Haichao An, Shenyan Chen, Hai Huang

12.02.2018 | RESEARCH PAPER

A density-based topology optimization methodology for thermoelectric energy conversion problems
Christian Lundgaard, Ole Sigmund

20.02.2018 | RESEARCH PAPER

Surrogate-based global optimization using an adaptive switching infill sampling criterion for expensive black-box functions
In-Bum Chung, Dohyun Park, Dong-Hoon Choi

07.03.2018 | RESEARCH PAPER

Optimal truss and frame design from projected homogenization-based topology optimization
S. D. Larsen, O. Sigmund, J. P. Groen

05.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Mixed uncertainty based analytical target cascading: an approach for hierarchical multilevel optimization under probabilistic and interval mixed uncertainties
Qi Ouyang, Wen Yao, Xiaoqian Chen

05.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Optimization-based inverse analysis for membership function identification in fuzzy steady-state heat transfer problem
Chong Wang, Hermann G. Matthies, Zhiping Qiu

05.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

A novel technique for the design of hybrid composite laminates based on dynamic programming and dynamic tree trimming
Javier Sanz-Corretge, Mikel Echeverría

04.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Time-dependent concurrent reliability-based design optimization integrating experiment-based model validation
Zhonglai Wang, Xiaowen Cheng, Jing Liu

18.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Structural optimization oriented time-dependent reliability methodology under static and dynamic uncertainties
Lei Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Di Wu, Menghui Xu, Zhiping Qiu

16.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Surrogate-based optimization with clustering-based space exploration for expensive multimodal problems
Huachao Dong, Baowei Song, Peng Wang, Zuomin Dong

08.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

On design-set restriction in SAND topology optimization
Dirk Munro, Albert A. Groenwold

18.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

A novel first–order reliability method based on performance measure approach for highly nonlinear problems
Gang Li, Bin Li, Hao Hu

11.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Support Vector enhanced Kriging for metamodeling with noisy data
Liming Chen, Haobo Qiu, Chen Jiang, Mi Xiao, Liang Gao

17.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

A modified importance sampling method for structural reliability and its global reliability sensitivity analysis
Wanying Yun, Zhenzhou Lu, Xian Jiang

26.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

A two-step methodology to apply low-discrepancy sequences in reliability assessment of structural dynamic systems
Jun Xu, Ding Wang

19.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Topology optimization of three-phase interpolation models in Darcy-stokes flow
Chao Shen, Liang Hou, Enlai Zhang, Jiahe Lin

28.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Topology optimization for staged construction
Oded Amir, Yoram Mass

Open Access 20.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Reliability-based aeroelastic design of composite plate wings using a stability margin
Carl Scarth, Jonathan E. Cooper

06.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Ensemble of surrogates with hybrid method using global and local measures for engineering design
Liming Chen, Haobo Qiu, Chen Jiang, Xiwen Cai, Liang Gao

03.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Enhanced single-loop method for efficient reliability-based design optimization with complex constraints
Behrooz Keshtegar, Peng Hao

30.10.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

A novel evidence theory model dealing with correlated variables and the corresponding structural reliability analysis method
Z. Zhang, C. Jiang, X. X. Ruan, F. J. Guan

Open Access 15.11.2017 | RESEARCH PAPER

Topology optimization of compact wideband coaxial-to-waveguide transitions with minimum-size control
Emadeldeen Hassan, Eddie Wadbro, Linus Hägg, Martin Berggren


Multi-objective optimization of the aerodynamic shape of a long-range guided rocket
Cao Runduo, Zhang Xiaobing


Crashworthiness optimisation of a composite energy-absorbing structure for railway vehicles
Suchao Xie, Haihong Li, Weilin Yang, Ning Wang

27.09.2017 | BRIEF NOTE

Graph-based element removal method for topology synthesis of beam based ground structures
Francesco Danzi, James M. Gibert, Giacomo Frulla, Enrico Cestino


Open-source coupled aerostructural optimization using Python
John P. Jasa, John T. Hwang, Joaquim R. R. A. Martins

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