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Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry

Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry 5/2012

Ausgabe 5/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Cumulative quantum mechanics (CQM) Part II. Application of cumulative quantum mechanics in describing the Vysikaylo polarization quantum-size effects

Ph. I. Vysikaylo

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

The size effect of the corrosion rate of a copper nanowire array. Part I: The corrosion potential variation

V. A. Myrzak, P. G. Globa, S. P. Sidelinikova, A. I. Dikusar

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Cu/Co-W nanolayers electrodeposited from single bath and investigations of their nanohardness

N. Tsyntsaru, S. Belevsky, H. Cesiulis, A. Dikusar, J. -P. Celis

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Abrasiveness of an electrochemical iron binder on a solid abrasive surface with aluminum oxide particles

T. V. Bortzoi

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

The surface morphology and strength properties of SiO2-P2O5-Nd2O3 glassy films

D. Z. Grabko, O. A. Shikimaka, M. Elisa, B. A. Sava, L. Boroica, E. Harea, C. Pirtac, A. Prisacaru, I. Feraru, D. Ursu

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

The electric and thermoelectric properties of CuInSe2-based chalcopyrite

Sh. M. Gasanly, A. A. Abdurragimov, U. F. Samedova

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Influence of loading holding time under quasistatic indentation on electrical properties and phase transformations of silicon

O. Shikimaka, A. Prisacaru, L. Bruk, Yu. Usatyi, A. Burlacu

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Nonlinear analysis of the internal resonant interaction of nonaxisymmetric waves on the surface of a jet moving in reference to a medium in a collinear electrostatic field

A. I. Grigorev, N. A. Petrushov

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Enhancement of heat and mass transfer by an electric field

M. K. Bologa, F. P. Grosu

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Modification of the charge state and thicknesses of the polymer polyethylene interlayer in piezoceramics with various structures after their electric treatment

M. A. Ramazanov, Kh. S. Ibragimova, S. A. Abasov

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Source of electric discharge energy for ecologically clean destruction technologies

A. R. Rizun, Yu. V. Golen’, T. D. Denisyuk, V. Yu. Kononov, A. N. Rachkov

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Electric discharge treatment of raw material components for production of lightweight construction products

A. P. Malyushevskaya, P. P. Malyushevsky

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Sensors for water safety and security

A. Vaseashta, E. Braman, P. Susmann, Yu. Dekhtyar, K. Perovicha

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 5/2012

Dynamics of a heterogeneous polymer system obtained as a result of a conductor explosion

T. G. Lyashuk, B. B. Kolupayev

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