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Technical Physics

Technical Physics 9/2014

Ausgabe 9/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

01.09.2014 | Theoretical and Mathematical Physics | Ausgabe 9/2014

Relativistic ponderomotive forces in the field of intense laser radiation

A. J. Castillo, V. P. Milant’ev

01.09.2014 | Theoretical and Mathematical Physics | Ausgabe 9/2014

Effect of electric and magnetic fields on the orientation structure of a ferronematic liquid crystal

A. N. Zakhlevnykh, D. V. Makarov

01.09.2014 | Theoretical and Mathematical Physics | Ausgabe 9/2014

Internal conversion as the main stabilization mechanism for long-lived negative molecular ions

A. S. Vorob’ev, S. A. Pshenichnyuk, N. L. Asfandiarov, E. P. Nafikova

01.09.2014 | Gases and Liquids | Ausgabe 9/2014

Experimental measurement of variations in the optical reflection coefficient of water-magnetic liquid interface in an electric field, wave motion, and surface instability

V. V. Chekanov, N. V. Kandaurova, V. S. Chekanov

01.09.2014 | Gases and Liquids | Ausgabe 9/2014

Nonlinear internal resonance interaction between surface waves and internal waves in an inhomogeneous laminated liquid

S. O. Shiryaeva, N. A. Petrushov, A. I. Grigor’ev, M. S. Fedorov

01.09.2014 | Plasma | Ausgabe 9/2014

Desorption/ionization of acrylamide in aqueous solutions in atmospheric pressure air using a microdischarge with vortex focusing of ions

V. V. Pervukhin, D. G. Sheven’

01.09.2014 | Plasma | Ausgabe 9/2014

Heating and cooling of the multiply charged ion nonequilibrium plasma in a high-current extended low-inductance discharge

V. A. Burtsev, N. V. Kalinin

01.09.2014 | Plasma | Ausgabe 9/2014

Subprocesses accompanying nitriding in a glow discharge

I. M. Pastukh

01.09.2014 | Plasma | Ausgabe 9/2014

Joint functioning of a magnetron sputtering system and an end-hall ion source

D. A. Golosov, Byon Eungsun, S. M. Zavadski

01.09.2014 | Plasma | Ausgabe 9/2014

Boundary between the regions of drift and runaway of electrons outside the townsend discharge domain boundary

A. M. Boichenko, A. N. Tkachev

01.09.2014 | Solid State | Ausgabe 9/2014

Fracture of metallic rings during magnetic-pulse shock loading

V. A. Morozov, Yu. V. Petrov, A. A. Lukin, S. A. Atroshenko, D. A. Gribanov

01.09.2014 | Solid State | Ausgabe 9/2014

Coercivity of anisotropic γ-Fe2O3 particles at high temperatures

V. I. Petinov

01.09.2014 | Solid State | Ausgabe 9/2014

Resonance magnetoelectric effect without a bias field in a piezoelectric langatate-hysteretic ferromagnet monolithic structure

D. A. Burdin, L. Y. Fetisov, Y. K. Fetisov, D. V. Chashin, N. A. Ekonomov

01.09.2014 | Solid State | Ausgabe 9/2014

Chromium mask for plasma-chemical etching of Al x Ga1 − x N layers

D. Yu. Protasov, N. R. Vitsina, N. A. Valisheva, F. N. Dul’tsev, T. V. Malin, K. S. Zhuravlev

01.09.2014 | Physical Science of Materials | Ausgabe 9/2014

Effective material parameters, resonance, and polarization properties of a magnetophotonic crystal

S. V. Eliseeva, D. I. Sementsov

01.09.2014 | Solid State Electronics | Ausgabe 9/2014

Analytical model of drift and diffusion of charge carriers in organic light-emitting diodes in the presence of a space charge

V. R. Nikitenko, N. A. Sannikova, M. N. Strikhanov

01.09.2014 | Physics of Nanostructures | Ausgabe 9/2014

Formation of the solid solutions in the Au-Ni film system: In situ TEM study

S. I. Bogatyrenko

01.09.2014 | Physics of Nanostructures | Ausgabe 9/2014

Hydrogen accumulation and distribution during the saturation of a VT1-0 titanium alloy by an electrolytic method and from a gas atmosphere

V. N. Kudiyarov, A. M. Lider, N. S. Pushilina, N. A. Timchenko

01.09.2014 | Optics | Ausgabe 9/2014

Pulsed evaporator of an electrodynamic disperse suspension of particles

Yu. I. Anisimov, K. E. Metelskii, E. L. Ryabchikov

01.09.2014 | Optics | Ausgabe 9/2014

Integrating sphere study of the optical properties of aluminum nanoparticles in tetranitropentaerytrite

B. P. Aduev, D. R. Nurmukhametov, G. M. Belokurov, A. A. Zvekov, A. V. Kalenskii, A. P. Nikitin, I. Yu. Liskov

01.09.2014 | Electrophysics, Electron and Ion Beams, Physics of Accelerators | Ausgabe 9/2014

Optical system of the proton bombarding setup on the U-70 accelerator at the institute for high energy physics

A. V. Maksimov, N. E. Tyurin, Yu. S. Fedotov

01.09.2014 | Short Communications | Ausgabe 9/2014

Conductivity of copper phthalocyanine-polystyrene composite films in the presence of adsorbed oxygen

A. E. Pochtennyi, A. V. Misevich, V. K. Dolgii

01.09.2014 | Short Communications | Ausgabe 9/2014

Field ion microscopy of cascades of atomic displacements in metals and alloys after various types of irradiation

V. A. Ivchenko

01.09.2014 | Short Communications | Ausgabe 9/2014

Nonlinear microwave phase shifter on electromagnetic-spin waves

A. B. Ustinov, B. A. Kalinikos, G. Srinivasan

01.09.2014 | Short Communications | Ausgabe 9/2014

Influence of the Thomson effect on the pulse heating of high-current electrical contacts

A. G. Merkushev, M. A. Pavleino, O. M. Pavleino, V. A. Pavlov

01.09.2014 | Short Communications | Ausgabe 9/2014

Peculiarities of the capacitance-voltage characteristic of a photoelectric solar energy convertor based on a silicon p-n junction with a porous silicon antireflection coating

V. V. Tregulov

01.09.2014 | Short Communications | Ausgabe 9/2014

Electrodynamic analysis of reflector antennas using a self-consistent method

D. S. Klyuev, Yu. V. Sokolova

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