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The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 6/2015

Ausgabe 6/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.06.2015 | UNEP/SETAC CORNER | Ausgabe 6/2015

Implementation of life cycle management practices in a cluster of companies in Bogota, Colombia

Oscar Alberto Vargas Moreno, Thomas E. Swarr, Anne-Claire Asselin, Llorenç Milà i Canals, Tracey Colley, Sonia Valdivia

01.06.2015 | BUILDING COMPONENTS AND BUILDINGS | Ausgabe 6/2015

NativeLCA - a systematic approach for the selection of environmental datasets as generic data: application to construction products in a national context

José Dinis Silvestre, Sébastien Lasvaux, Julie Hodková, Jorge de Brito, Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

01.06.2015 | EXERGY AND LCA | Ausgabe 6/2015

Evaluation of life cycle inventory at macro level: a case study of mechanical coke production in China

Jinglan Hong, Fangfang Zhang, Changqing Xu, Xu Xu, Xiangzhi Li

01.06.2015 | LCA FOR AGRICULTURE | Ausgabe 6/2015 Open Access

The Glasgow consensus on the delineation between pesticide emission inventory and impact assessment for LCA

Ralph K. Rosenbaum, Assumpció Anton, Xavier Bengoa, Anders Bjørn, Richard Brain, Cécile Bulle, Nuno Cosme, Teunis J. Dijkman, Peter Fantke, Mwema Felix, Trudyanne S. Geoghegan, Bernhard Gottesbüren, Carolyn Hammer, Sebastien Humbert, Olivier Jolliet, Ronnie Juraske, Fraser Lewis, Dominique Maxime, Thomas Nemecek, Jérôme Payet, Kati Räsänen, Philippe Roux, Erwin M. Schau, Sandrine Sourisseau, Rosalie van Zelm, Bettina von Streit, Magdalena Wallman

01.06.2015 | LCA FOR AGRICULTURE | Ausgabe 6/2015

Construction cost of plant compounds provides a physical relationship for co-product allocation in life cycle assessment

Hayo M. G. van der Werf, Thi Tuyet Hanh Nguyen

01.06.2015 | LCA FOR AGRICULTURE | Ausgabe 6/2015

Modelling spatially explicit impacts from phosphorus emissions in agriculture

Laura Scherer, Stephan Pfister

01.06.2015 | LCA FOR ENERGY SYSTEMS AND FOOD PRODUCTS | Ausgabe 6/2015

Environmental life cycle assessment of a small hydropower plant in China

Mingyue Pang, Lixiao Zhang, Changbo Wang, Gengyuan Liu

01.06.2015 | LCA OF WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS | Ausgabe 6/2015

The environmental performance of fluorescent lamps in China, assessed with the LCA method

Quanyin Tan, Qingbin Song, Jinhui Li

01.06.2015 | LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT | Ausgabe 6/2015

Life-cycle assessment framework for adaptation planning to climate change: linking regional climate impact with product design

Katsuyuki Nakano

01.06.2015 | LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT | Ausgabe 6/2015

Scoping organizational LCA—challenges and solutions

Julia Martínez-Blanco, Atsushi Inaba, Matthias Finkbeiner


Prioritization of bioethanol production pathways in China based on life cycle sustainability assessment and multicriteria decision-making

Jingzheng Ren, Alessandro Manzardo, Anna Mazzi, Filippo Zuliani, Antonio Scipioni

01.06.2015 | MODERN INDIVIDUAL MOBILITY | Ausgabe 6/2015

Stochastic comparative assessment of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from conventional and electric vehicles

Arash Noshadravan, Lynette Cheah, Richard Roth, Fausto Freire, Luis Dias, Jeremy Gregory

01.06.2015 | WATER USE IN LCA | Ausgabe 6/2015

Analysis of water use impact assessment methods (part B): applicability for water footprinting and decision making with a laundry case study

Anne-Marie Boulay, Jean-Baptiste Bayart, Cecile Bulle, Helen Franceschini, Masaharu Motoshita, Ivan Muñoz, Stephan Pfister, Manuele Margni

01.06.2015 | WATER USE IN LCA | Ausgabe 6/2015

Life cycle assessment of the City of Atlanta, Georgia’s centralized water system

Hyunju Jeong, Elizabeth Minne, John C. Crittenden

01.06.2015 | CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT | Ausgabe 6/2015

Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management (ILCM) 2015

Archana Datta, Sohini Gupta

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