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Tribology Letters

Ausgabe 1/2016

Inhalt (18 Artikel)

Original Paper

Enhanced Friction-Reducing Behavior of Stearic Acid Film on the Etched Copper

Yong Wan, Lei Cao, Yankun Yu, Jianguo Gao

Open Access Original Paper

Wear Mechanisms of Hydrogenated DLC in Oils Containing MoDTC

Shahriar Kosarieh, Ardian Morina, Jonathan Flemming, Emmanuel Lainé, Anne Neville

Original Paper

In Situ Lubrication of SU-8/Talc Composite with Base Oil (SN150) and Perfluoropolyether as Fillers

Jitendra K. Katiyar, Sujeet K. Sinha, Arvind Kumar

Original Paper

Real-Contact Area Between an Elastomer and a Flat Plane Observed by Surface Plasmon Resonance: Optical Model Calculations

Satoru Maegawa, Hiroshige Matsuoka, Shigehisa Fukui, Fumihiro Itoigawa, Takashi Nakamura

Original Paper

Neutralization Mechanism of Acetic Acid by Overbased Colloidal Nanoparticles

Yufei Duan, Riccardo Rausa, Qi Zhao, Kyriakos D. Papadopoulos

Open Access Original Paper

An Analytical Approach for Prediction of Elastohydrodynamic Friction with Inlet Shear Heating and Starvation

L. Paouris, R. Rahmani, S. Theodossiades, H. Rahnejat, G. Hunt, W. Barton

Original Paper

Highly Oriented MoS2 Coatings: Tribology and Environmental Stability

John F. Curry, Nicolas Argibay, Tomas Babuska, Brendan Nation, Ashlie Martini, Nicholas C. Strandwitz, Michael T. Dugger, Brandon A. Krick

Original Paper

Wear Behavior and Hardening Mechanism of Novel Lightweight Fe–25.1Mn–6.6Al–1.3C Steel Under Impact Abrasion Conditions

Shi-guang Peng, Ren-bo Song, Ting Sun, Zhong-zheng Pei, Chang-hong Cai, Yi-fan Feng, Zhi-dong Tan

Original Paper

Soft Interface Fracture Transfer in Nanoscale MoS2

Emily E. Hoffman, Laurence D. Marks

Original Paper

Temperature-Dependent Friction and Wear of MoS2/Sb2O3/Au Nanocomposites

J. F. Curry, T. F. Babuska, M. T. Brumbach, N. Argibay

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