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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 1/2008

Ausgabe 1/2008

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

Runoff Analysis for a Small Watershed of Tono Area Japan by Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network with Seasonal Data

A. Sohail, K. Watanabe, S. Takeuchi

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

Simulation Modeling for Efficient Groundwater Management in Balasore Coastal Basin, India

R. Rejani, Madan K. Jha, S. N. Panda, R. Mull

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

A Fuzzy Stochastic Dynamic Nash Game Analysis of Policies for Managing Water Allocation in a Reservoir System

A. Ganji, D. Khalili, M. Karamouz, K. Ponnambalam, M. Javan

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

Deterministic Insight into ANN Model Performance for Storm Runoff Simulation

Kwan Tun Lee, Wei-Chiao Hung, Chung-Chieh Meng

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

RUSLE2 Model Application for Soil Erosion Assessment Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Jasmin Ismail, S. Ravichandran

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

Decision Process in a Water Use Conflict in Brazil

Augusto César Vieira Getirana, Valéria de Fátima Malta, José Paulo Soares de Azevedo

01.01.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

An Investigation of the Impacts of Agricultural Runoff on the Water Quality and Aquatic Organisms in a Lowveld Sand River System in Southeast Zimbabwe

Clifford Tafangenyasha, Lawrence T. Dube

01.01.2008 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2008

Study of Flow Over Side Weirs Under Supercritical Conditions

K. H. V. Durga Rao, C. R. S. Pillai

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