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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 2/2015

Ausgabe 2/2015

Special Issue: Water Resources Management in an Interdisciplinary and Changing Context

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Water Resources Management in an Interdisciplinary and Changing Context

Rodrigo Maia, Luis S. Pereira

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Institutional and Hydrologic Water Availability in Texas

Ralph A. Wurbs

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

A Systems Approach to Understanding the Evolution of the Agro-Social-Ecological System of the Upper Rio Grande-San Luis Valley, Colorado

K. Mix, V. L. Lopes, W. Rast

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Bridging the Water Supply–demand Gap in Australia: Coupling Water Demand Efficiency with Rain-independent Desalination Supply

Oz Sahin, Rodney A. Stewart, Fernanda Helfer

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Adaptation Challenges in Complex Rivers Around the World: The Guadiana and the Colorado Basins

Roger S. Pulwarty, Rodrigo Maia

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Iterative Framework for Robust Reclaimed Wastewater Allocation in a Changing Environment Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Yeonjoo Kim, Eun-Sung Chung, Sang-Mook Jun

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Validation of an Ideal Rainfall-Runoff Chain in a GCM Environment

Klaus Fraedrich, Frank Sielmann, Danlu Cai, Ling Zhang, Xiuhua Zhu

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Quantitative Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerability of Irrigation Demands in Mediterranean Europe

Luis Garrote, Ana Iglesias, Alfredo Granados, Luis Mediero, Francisco Martin-Carrasco

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Nonstationary Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Rainfall Using Climate Covariates

L. Vasiliades, P. Galiatsatou, A. Loukas

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Risk-Averse Economic Optimization in the Adaptation of River Dikes to Climate Change

L. Wang, P. H. A. J. M. van Gelder, J. K. Vrijling, S. Maskey, R. Ranasinghe

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Comparing Various Methods of Building Representation for 2D Flood Modelling In Built-Up Areas

Vasilis Bellos, George Tsakiris

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Multi-Criteria Analysis Framework for Potential Flood Prone Areas Mapping

G. Papaioannou, L. Vasiliades, A. Loukas

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Downstream-Directed Performance Assessment of Reservoirs in Multi-Tributary Catchments by Application of Multivariate Statistics

Markus Schulte, Andreas Schumann

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Comparison Between Two Hydrodynamic Models for Flooding Simulations at River Lima Basin

José Pinho, Rui Ferreira, Luís Vieira, Dirk Schwanenberg

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Optimal Design for Flood Limit Water Level of Cascade Reservoirs

Shuo Ouyang, Jianzhong Zhou, Chunlong Li, Xiang Liao, Hao Wang

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

SPI-Based Probabilistic Analysis of Drought Areal Extent in Sicily

Brunella Bonaccorso, David J. Peres, Antonio Castano, Antonino Cancelliere

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Ground-Based GPS Measurements of Precipitable Water Vapor and Their Usefulness for Hydrological Applications

Isabella Bordi, Tayeb Raziei, Luis Santos Pereira, Alfonso Sutera

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

SPI Modes of Drought Spatial and Temporal Variability in Portugal: Comparing Observations, PT02 and GPCC Gridded Datasets

Tayeb Raziei, Diogo S. Martins, Isabella Bordi, João F. Santos, Maria Manuela Portela, Luis S. Pereira, Alfonso Sutera

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Εvaluation of Measures for Combating Water Shortage Based on Beneficial and Constraining Criteria

George Tsakiris, Mike Spiliotis, Harris Vangelis, Panagiotis Tsakiris

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

A Fuzzy Multicriteria Categorization of Water Scarcity in Complex Water Resources Systems

Mike Spiliotis, Francisco Martín-Carrasco, Luis Garrote

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Water Resource Allocation in Critical Scarcity Conditions: A Bankruptcy Game Approach

Giovanni M. Sechi, Riccardo Zucca

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Analyses of Drought Events in Calabria (Southern Italy) Using Standardized Precipitation Index

G. Buttafuoco, T. Caloiero, R. Coscarelli

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Socioeconomic Evaluation of Drought Effects. Main Principles and Application to Guadiana and Algarve Case Studies

Rodrigo Maia, Eduardo Vivas, Ricardo Serralheiro, Mário de Carvalho

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

A Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Modeling River Flow Time Series: The Case of Upper Cauvery River Basin

Shivshanker Singh Patel, Parthasarathy Ramachandran

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Predicting Salinization Trends in a Lowland Coastal Aquifer: Comacchio (Italy)

Nicolò Colombani, Micòl Mastrocicco, Beatrice Maria Sole Giambastiani

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

MSANOS: Data-Driven, Multi-Approach Software for Optimal Redesign of Environmental Monitoring Networks

Emanuele Barca, Giuseppe Passarella, Michele Vurro, Alberto Morea

01.01.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015 Open Access

The Delta Model for Fresh Water Policy Analysis in the Netherlands

Geert Prinsen, Frederiek Sperna Weiland, Erik Ruijgh

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