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Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management 3/2020

Ausgabe 3/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 21 Artikel )

13.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Attaining Sustainable Water Resource Utilization in Lake Basins Using Progressive Operational Scenario Analysis

Jiayu Peng, Binghui Zheng, Zhaosheng Chu, Xing Wang

05.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

The Short-Term Economical Operation Problem for Hydropower Station Using Chaotic Normal Cloud Model Based Discrete Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm

Zhe Yang, Kan Yang, Lyuwen Su, Hu Hu

13.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Optimization of Investments in the Resilience of Water Distribution Systems Subject to Interruptions

Laiany Rodrigues Marinho, Márcio das Chagas Moura, Beatriz Sales da Cunha, Isis Didier Lins

03.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Basin Initial Water Rights Allocation under Multiple Uncertainties: a Trade-off Analysis

Lina Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang, Fengping Wu, Qinghua Pang

04.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Ensemble Based Forecasting and Optimization Framework to Optimize Releases from Water Supply Reservoirs for Flood Control

V. Ramaswamy, F. Saleh

07.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Reference Point Based Multi-Objective Optimization of Reservoir Operation: a Comparison of Three Algorithms

Rong Tang, Ke Li, Wei Ding, Yuntao Wang, Huicheng Zhou, Guangtao Fu

14.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Crow Algorithm for Irrigation Management: A Case Study

Fatemeh Barzegari Banadkooki, Jan Adamowski, Vijay P. Singh, Mohammad Ehteram, Hojat Karami, Sayed Farhad Mousavi, Saeed Farzin, Ahmed EL-Shafie

10.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Enhanced Channel Division Method for Estimation of Discharge in Meandering Compound Channel

Abinash Mohanta, K. C. Patra, Arpan Pradhan

27.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Hourly River Flow Forecasting: Application of Emotional Neural Network Versus Multiple Machine Learning Paradigms

Zaher Mundher Yaseen, Sujay Raghavendra Naganna, Zulfaqar Sa’adi, Pijush Samui, Mohammad Ali Ghorbani, Sinan Q. Salih, Shamsuddin Shahid

12.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Evaluation of Adaptation Scenarios for Climate Change Impacts on Agricultural Water Allocation Using Fuzzy MCDM Methods

Reza Zamani, Ali Mohammad Akhond Ali, Abbas Roozbahani

05.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Quantity of Reasonable Distribution of River Ecological Basic Flow Considering the Economic Value of its Own Ecological Functions: a Case Study in the Baoji Section of the Weihe River, China

Bo Cheng, Huaien Li, Siyu Yue

24.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Coupled Hydrodynamic and Geospatial Model for Assessing Resiliency of Coastal Structures under Extreme Storm Scenarios

Md Golam Rabbani Fahad, Rouzbeh Nazari, M. H. Motamedi, Maryam E. Karimi

09.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Legal Implications of the Use of Big Data in the Transboundary Water Context

Imad Antoine Ibrahim

15.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Process Mining Approach of a New Water Quality Index for Long-Term Assessment under Uncertainty Using Consensus-Based Fuzzy Decision Support System

Mohammad Ali Baghapour, Mohammad Reza Shooshtarian, Mahdi Zarghami

05.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Integrated Water Management Approach for Adaptation to Climate Change in Highly Water Stressed Basins

Elpida Kolokytha, Dimitrios Malamataris

16.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Long-Time Memory in Drought via Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

Hasan Tatli, H. Nüzhet Dalfes

29.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Charging for Water Use in Brazil: State of the Art and Challenges

Pedro Lucas Cosmo de Brito, José Paulo Soares de Azevedo

05.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Cascaded Hydropower Operation Chart Optimization Balancing Overall Ecological Benefits and Ecological Conservation in Hydrological Extremes Under Climate Change

Ziyu Ding, Guohua Fang, Xin Wen, Qiaofeng Tan, Xiaohui Lei, Zhehua Liu, Xianfeng Huang

03.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Generation of Clean Hydropower Energy in Multi-Reservoir Systems Based on a New Evolutionary Algorithm

Mojgan Dianatikhah, Hojat Karami, Khosrow Hosseini

28.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

A Method for Predicting Long-Term Municipal Water Demands Under Climate Change

Salah L. Zubaidi, Sandra Ortega-Martorell, Patryk Kot, Rafid M. Alkhaddar, Mawada Abdellatif, Sadik K. Gharghan, Maytham S. Ahmed, Khalid Hashim

15.02.2020 | Ausgabe 3/2020

Acknowledgement of Reviewers 2019

George Tsakiris

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