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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks 4/2018

Ausgabe 4/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 23 Artikel )

19.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

A one-hop opportunistic network coding algorithm for wireless mesh networks

Kemal Alic, Ales Svigelj

19.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

An accurate two dimensional Markov chain model for IEEE 802.11n DCF

Nasreddine Hajlaoui, Issam Jabri, Maher Ben Jemaa

20.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Wi-Fi offloading between LTE and WLAN with combined UE and BS information

Ying-Dar Lin, Chia-Yu Ku, Yuan-Cheng Lai, Yun-Hao Liang

22.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Physical layer multi-user key generation in wireless networks

Rong Jin, Kai Zeng

26.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Common friends discovery for multiple parties with friendship ownership and replay-attack resistance in mobile social networks

Shin-Yan Chiou

27.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Gateway load balancing using multiple QoS parameters in a hybrid MANET

Rashmi Kushwah, S. Tapaswi, Ajay Kumar, K. K. Pattanaik, S. Yousef, M. Cole

27.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Power allocation in small cell networks with full-duplex self-backhauls and massive MIMO

Lei Chen, F. Richard Yu, Hong Ji, Bo Rong, Victor C. M. Leung

28.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

An optimization framework for multicasting in MCMR wireless mesh network with partially overlapping channels

Majid Asadi Shahmirzadi, Mehdi Dehghan, Abdulrasoul Ghasemi

28.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Hierarchical addressing scheme for 6LoWPAN WSN

Xiaonan Wang, Deguang Le, Hongbin Cheng

31.10.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Intelligent energy-aware efficient routing for MANET

Santosh Kumar Das, Sachin Tripathi

01.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Distributed transmit-antenna selection in variable-gain relaying systems

Diana Cristina González, Daniel Benevides da Costa, José Cândido Silveira Santos Filho

02.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Maximizing multicast lifetime in unreliable wireless ad hoc network

Ting Lu, Jie Zhu, Shan Chang, Longfei Zhu

03.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Quality-aware Wi-Fi offload: analysis, design and integration perspectives

Engin Zeydan, A. Serdar Tan, Yavuz Mester, Hasan Buyruk

03.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Distributed throughput optimization for heterogeneous IEEE 802.11 DCF networks

Xinghua Sun, Yayu Gao

04.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Egocentric network focused community aware multicast routing for DTNs

Guoxing Jiang, Yanqing Shen, Jun Chen, Yan Dong, Fang Lu, Qi Jiang

16.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Robust energy efficiency power allocation for relay-assisted uplink cognitive radio networks

Zhihan Liu, Xiaohui Zhao, Hui Liang

16.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

A multi-state Q-learning based CSMA MAC protocol for wireless networks

Hossein Bayat-Yeganeh, Vahid Shah-Mansouri, Hamed Kebriaei

21.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Efficient cooperative multicarrier underwater acoustic communication over the Persian Gulf channel

Abdollah Doosti-Aref, Ataollah Ebrahimzadeh

21.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Quality of service differentiation in heterogeneous CDMA networks: a mathematical modelling approach

Vassilios G. Vassilakis, Ioannis D. Moscholios, Michael D. Logothetis

22.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

A performance study for the multicast collision prevention mechanism for IEEE 802.11

M. Ángeles Santos, José Villalón, Luis Orozco-Barbosa, Fernando Ramírez Mireles

22.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

A unified delay analysis framework for opportunistic data collection

Dong Zhao, Huadong Ma, Qi Li, Shaojie Tang

26.11.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Performance model for two-tier mobile wireless networks with macrocells and small cells

Vicente Casares-Giner, Jorge Martinez-Bauset, Xiaohu Ge

01.07.2017 | Ausgabe 4/2018

Energy efficient and secured distributed data dissemination using hop by hop authentication in WSN

S. V. N. Santhosh Kumar, Yogesh Palanichamy

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