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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks 7/2009

Ausgabe 7/2009

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

An efficient delay constrained scheduling scheme for IEEE 802.16 networks

Fen Hou, Pin-Han Ho, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

Single-step creation of localized Delaunay triangulations

Filipe Araujo, Luís Rodrigues

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

System level performance evaluation of MIMO and SISO OFDM-based WLANs

K. Peppas, F. Lazarakis, D. I. Axiotis, T. Al-Gizawi, A. A. Alexandridis

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

A delay-based admission control mechanism for multimedia support in IEEE 802.11e wireless LANs

Bechir Hamdaoui, Moncef Elaoud, Parameswaran Ramanathan

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

Identification of missing neighbor cells in GERAN

M. Toril, V. Wille, R. Barco

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

Optimal pricing in a free market wireless network

Michael J. Neely

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

Multi-cell communications for OFDM-based asynchronous networks over multi-cell environments

Hyukmin Son, Sanghoon Lee

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

Analysis of performance trade-offs for an adaptive channel-aware wireless scheduler

Raphael Rom, Hwee-Pink Tan

01.10.2009 | Ausgabe 7/2009

Connectivity properties of large-scale sensor networks

Hossein Pishro-Nik, Kevin Chan, Faramarz Fekri

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