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07.06.2019 | Thematic Section: 5th World Congress On Integrated Computational Materials Engineering | Ausgabe 2/2019 Open Access

Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation 2/2019

AixViPMaP®—an Operational Platform for Microstructure Modeling Workflows

Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation > Ausgabe 2/2019
L. Koschmieder, S. Hojda, M. Apel, R. Altenfeld, Y. Bami, C. Haase, M. Lin, A. Vuppala, G. Hirt, G.J. Schmitz
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The present article describes design, architecture, and implementation of the Aachen (“Aix”) Virtual Platform for Materials Processing—AixViPMaP®. This simulation platform focuses on enabling automatic simulation workflows in the area of microstructure evolution and microstructure property relationships by continuum models. Following a description of a variety AixViPMaP® functionalities like user management, the currently implemented software tools, simulation workflows, data storage, grid infrastructure, and many more, some example workflows which have been run on AixViPMaP® are presented in detail. These workflow examples—although each being specific—can readily be transferred to other materials or to similar processes as the major simulation tools used in these workflows are all generic and thus applicable to a wide range of metals and technical alloys. The article concludes with a discussion on the performance and benefits of the platform, an outlook on its future development and on its open, future availability for both academic and commercial use.
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